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Monday, 03 December 2007



Kirk, this is a great post!! Thanks for sharing. It was very well written, although I probably still won't visit Little Sheep. I guess I'm just too cheap to pay for hot pot when I can do it at home for pennies (okay, not pennies, but probably half the price!). :( Maybe if I can get someone to take me...

Hot pot is definitely my idea of comfort food. I think your post has inspired me to make some this weekend. Thanks!


That's some pricey meal. I have yet to try or really felt compel enough to try a hot pot place. I can make my own Vietnamese version ;-)

ed (from Yuma)

Looks fun and tasty.


I miss this place. The Little Sheep in Rowland Heights (across from Puente Hills) has long folded. I wish they opened up another one somewhere within driving distance.

Love your observations on your fellow diners.

I wonder what you would think if you had seen me there.


Nicely-written review! I've been looking forward to hearing your comments about Little Sheep. Now we'll be armed with more information for our next visit.

I also like your comment about making trips to the washroom to see what people at other tables are having. It's a good way to see the dishes at an unfamiliar restaurant.

I agree that you can do hot pot at home much more cheaply, but it involves a lot of prep work if you want a variety of ingredients. My sister-in-law did it last Christmas for 30 people!


I forgot to add that I took home my leftover non-spicy broth. It tasted much better the next day.


Did anyone see Mark Bittman's mainstreamed hot pot recipe from the NY Times last week?


Awww... Slurping is half the fun!


Hi Caroline - I hope your hot pot turns out well, it is really great around this time of the year.

Hi Billy - Actually not bad by San Diego standards.

Hi Ed - Good kind of stuff.....

Hi Elmo - I would have thought...."now there's a guy who really knows what he's doing...must be a food blogger!" LOL!

Hi Sandy - The two things that differentiate home made huo guo from this...the amount of ingredients in the broth, especially the spicy broth, and the quality and cuts of the meat - it is difficult to cut the meat paper thin with a knife - even if it is partially frozen.

Hi Trent - Sounds like a simple huo guo recipe you'd find in any Chinese cookbook, minus a few ingredients, and some broth making techniques - i.e. making "ginger water"......

Hi CP - Not on your first date it's not... ;O) Yes, slurping is spite of those red spots you get on your shirt.

Wandering Chopsticks

Funny you should mention people watching. I was at Monland a while back and saw a couple getting all lovey dovey over the hot pot. And that's not even a semi-romantic place! But when you're making googley eyes, I don't think it matters where you're eating...


Hey WC - Maybe it's got something to do with all the herbs and spices??? ;O)


I LOVE hot pot. Even in the summer, my friends and I would make a hot pot at the beach instead of bbq. I've had it w/ clams and mussels, but not w/ wontons like that. A must try =)


Hi YY - Check it out, you might enjoy it.


I've been looking forward to trying out this place. I've been to the ones in Montery Park and Fremont. I'm going tonight! Nothing is better on a cold stormy day like today than yummy hot pot.


Hi Liz - Hope you enjoyed yourself.


Wow. that much of foods for a little money $5.95 or $4.95/per dish. It's cheaper to eat here than make it at home.

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