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Sunday, 09 December 2007



always nice to have variety in your neck of the woods. I take it that the Jamaican beans was mixed into the rice.


never had goat, but it sounds quite tasty.



You are quite lucky to be able to get Jamaican food in San Diego. The last time I had Jamaican food was back in '93. A Jamaican friend's mother cooked a delicious feast for us!

There was a Jamaican restaurant here, in Waikiki of all places, but it closed down before I had a chance to eat there. I have heard about a wagon that sells Jamaican food, but I am a little hesitant.


I just ate a Jamacian jerk chicken patty no less than an hour ago! Coincidence? We must think alike, hehe :)


Oh, that goat curry looks delicious! For some reason, I keep forgetting that these places are so close to me. I'll have to make a trip soon.


I'm to stop reading this blog especially before lunch time. Thanks!


Hi RONW - Yes, it was beans and rice.

Hi Kat - Goat when done right, is really hearty stuff...with a more pronounced wild flavor than lamb.

Hi Reid - Yes, we're really lucky to have Jamaican food here. A Jamaican Lunch Wagon....that sounds interesting.

Hi Kathy - Yes, just as all great minds do, right? ;o)

Hi Howie - Yes, this isn't too far from you.

Hi Billy - Sounds like it's time for lunch.....


Hey Kirk,
What is your email? Can I get a list of some good restaurants in Maui?

You should do a blog about Whole Food in Hillcrest.



Hi Tammy - It's [email protected]

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Definitely prefer Caribbean taste.Just a note...the "rice and peas" as they're called in Jamaica have a mild coconut flavor...not bland,just mild to counter balance the spiciness of the food and to soak up all that good gravy!Bout to call in an order for some salt fish and ackee(traditional JA breakfast} for my early mornin charger game tomorrow...peace.


I go to Caribbean Tastes almost every Sunday to take out a small dinner. I have not been disappointed with any food I bought there but the neighborhood is not very nice. I wish someone made those wonderful homemade meat patties I used to buy when I lived in New York. No! not those horrible precooked things which have awful meat or chicken in them. Or maybe some roti.


Hi Marlene - I like the very laid back vibe at Caribbean Taste...the folks there are very nice as well.

Donna L.

Mahalo for the rec! This was our first taste of Jamaican food and we loved it. We got the beef patty, jerk chicken, and goat. This Maui girl (now living in SF Bay Area) thought it was all broke da mout ono!


Hi DonnaL - I'm glad you enjoyed the food! Please also check out Island Spice, you might enjoy the Jamaican food from there as well.


I just moved to hawaii and I cant find a JAMICAN PLACE!! Im am dying for some jerk chicken! Does anyone know where a jamaican restaurant is? Im on the island of Oahu..HELP ME PLEASE!!


Hey Dom - Check and see if this place is still in business:


I tried looking for that place and i didnt see it, but i did find another place by Hard Rock cafe, he has a meal truck out there. The food was ok,but i can't beleive there isn't any real jamaican in hawaii!


there food is okay but i do love the re currychicken pattys n a real mean red velvet cake omg its to die for

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