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Thursday, 27 December 2007



After cleaning out the kitty litter box this morning, I only thought of one thing when I saw that :) Sorry :)


Yummm!! Roasted cat dung with black beans, pepper, and sesame seed sprinkles!


Hey Kirk! Thanks for the Peets coffee - it tastes the best! My favorite!


I thought the same as Denver. It's poo, right?


I love duck chin w/ maggie sauce...yum!!!


Gosh, would have never thought the tongue of the duck was that big?? Great contest though :)


Duck tongue! I love it!


Egads Denver - What are you fishing out of the litter box!

Hi Liver - Breakfast of champions???

Hi KR - Thanks for playing!

Hi Kat - LOL! It's a close would have too easy if it was "to scale".

Hi Jenn - Now, now, this is food blog......

Hi YY - Maggi sauce, huh? I've heard everything tastes better with Maggi!

Hi Eileen - I'm glad you enjoy it so much.

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