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Saturday, 08 December 2007



the Honolulu Nordstrom isn't ready for it's grand opening as yet, as I can personally attest to since I'm employed installing fixtures there. As soon as it opens, I'm out of a job.

Alice Q. Foodie

Shoot - I almost went to this - I had my ticket and everything, but I had too much work to do. Next time, I will definitely make the effort - I had no idea these things were so fancy!


Nice! Way to go, big spender.


The basil chicken salad looks great. I love their accessories here and the boot world, but after that the bill oh boy...!


Hey I love your blog! Great info and love the pics. I wanted to know if any you guys know of places to hit in Carlsbad...going to Legoland in a couple of weeks!


Aloha, Ron! Maybe they will need you for the quarterly display changes in lighting. Nordstom is quite original in decorating. Else, the cafe is not expensive and the coffee shop is less expensive than Starbuck's, the the Nordstrom coffee is a special blend by Starbuck's.
Hey, Alice-yes...I have ben going to both events for at least the last six years that I can remember. Each time, the selections are different...once ther was a chocolate fountain that was used over martini glasses of poundcake and fresh fruits, and there were chilled shrimp wrapped with a blanched pea pod that were delightful, small-two bite pecan pies..and everything was quite flavorful and thought out. Always a different mixed drink. next one will be in April. Each Nordstrom location on different days. Make the time; you will love it.
Hey, CP-I sent you an email...and really, I only spent money in the sock department this time...lots of gifts...
Hello, YY...I like looking and going to the Cafe and coffee shop and then maybe spluging on myself once a year, not regularly...and still, I look for a deal.
Welcome to out blog, Nikki- I will send you a personal note. Tip Top Meats comes to mind off the top of my head. Vicky blogged it earlier this year. Put that title into "Search" on the top left of the blog. I love it there.


Looked like a nice classy evening out cathy! Thanks for sharing it with us :) Looks like being a member does have some priviledges!


Hi Rachel..yes it is a fun time and I am glad I can partake...and that you can share...the magic of blogging, around the world is a fascinating concept.

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