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Friday, 07 December 2007



Stuffing bread? I am SO there.

Where is "between Yuma and the border"? Yuma is the first exit.


hahah, STUFFING BREAD - I love it! :)


How unfortunate there is not gravy for dipping, but boy that does sound so gooooooood.

ed (from Yuma)

Between Yuma and the Mexican border, not the border with California.

Yuma is actually south of the California line (the Colorado River bends westward here). If one goes south from Yuma on Hwy 95, Mexico is about 20 miles away. Somerton is a small town that straddles the highway about 5-6 miles north of the Mexican border.

The impression I get from the press release etc is that these are family made tamales, not restaurant products.


I love family made tamales. I love buying them from people who walk the streets of downtown carrying coolers of tamales. I love living dangerously. I apparently do not read maps though...but I can, and quite possibly have a place to drive next weekend...this is a wonderful find!


Hi Cathy - I had the same thought as you??? Until it came to me......

Hi Kathy - Stuffing Bread...I need to ask them where they got the idea.

Hi Ed - You know I'm expecting a full report, right?


Hi Billy - Yes, some gravy would be a nice addition.....

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