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Tuesday, 06 November 2007



We haven't been to Van Hoa since the mall sort of burned...and never had a breakfast bahn mi. Thanks for this one; it is something we will be trying soon. I can never eat bahn mi in the car. The crumb factor is way frustrating.


Nice alliteration: "Dilly-Dalliness...careful cadence", banh mi reviews rarely wax so poetic!


You left out the cha lua.
I think it the integral part of the whole sandwich the cha lua and eggs. Just image bacon but healthier ;-)
So yummy.


Hi Kirk. Yep, I was like you when I was a kid. It was difficult for anyone to make me get up for school.
BUT, I wish I have to drive to work so that I can also make breakfast trips to some restaurants.

jalapeno in the morning? I admire you :)


Your dilly-dally description is me to a tee, even today. I sometimes lie there in bed, before the alarm goes off, thinking what I can use as an excuse to call in sick. ;-)

I'll have to find some place to stop in for breakfast on my way in to work. Maybe it'll help, can't hurt!


aw. I saw nhbilly's comment and was gonna say the same thing but along the lines of SPAM! would make this the PERFECT breakfast sammy.


Kirk, you mad genius. I usually only have time for a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings before dashing off to work. A spicy banh mi would really perk me up.


Hi Cathy - The only person I know who has perfected eating Banh Mi in the car, is Ed - he does it all the time.

Hi Trent - Ha.....LOL! You know sometimes it just comes. Thanks, BTW.

Hi Billy - Only one other place makes their Egg Banh Mi with Cha Lua, most here in San Diego don't.

Hi Thess - It's good to know I wasn't the only one. For some reason, eating spicy food for breakfast doesn't bother me.

Hi Carol - A nice pleasant breakfast puts you into such a good frame of mind. So long you don't eat too much and have a food coma!

Hi Penny - mmmmm Spam Banh Mi, now that sounds really good!

Hi CP - Yes, it works for me all the time!


Hi Kirk, that is one of my favorite little hideaways out here in the east county. The nicest family runs it.


You mean, you head south on 805, decide not to take the 163, get off at El Cajon and turn left instead of right? Now that's the long way to work! It must take you 30 minutes to get to Van Hoa. $2.75 for the sandwich, and $10 for gas and mileage.

That's commitment.

I think I know what job you really want.


Chee, I didn't even know such a thing as 'Banh Mi Trung' existed!
...But I like that image of strewing banh mi crumbs all over the car seat, hehe! :)

Jeff C

Banh Mi, next to Pizza and fried rice and katsu don are my favorite comfort foods. But you know the more I read your blog, the more I have to add to my list of favorite comfort foods.


Hi Michael - Nice, hard working folks.

Hi Joseph - Nah, I don't even use the freeway to get to work. But this would be the I-8 to the 15, to the ECB exit......Actually, I should be committed.....

Hi Kathy - Better to feed all the little critters living in my car???? I like Egg Banh Mi's.....

Hi Jeffrey - Ooooh Katsu-don!

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