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Sunday, 04 November 2007


Wandering Chopsticks

Ack! That crowd has kept me from trying Elite. I really should one of these days though. Especially after seeing your description. :)


man, i am too lazy to post my elite photos--too many! good to see we order the same dishes, so now i don't have to post most of mine :)

regarding the macau roast pork--you should have gotten a dish of *sugar* and hoisin, not salt. the sugar helps bring out the caramelized flavour of the skin and enhances the sweetness of the meat. if you got salt, it means...more rice!


Hi WC - Man, you're fast, I just posted this! 50 minutes is longest I ever remember waiting...or having enough patience to wait for a table at a Dim Sum restaurant.

Hi Santos - It was salt...couldn't figure what the heck. The pork really didn't need anything, it was that good. Of course you need to post your must!


WoW the bbq piggy is so so yummy. I really need to venture out.


I wanted to go to this restaurant for the longest time, since it is so close to me. But we have kids, and can't afford to wait that long. But we will go one of those days when the kiddies are shipped to the grandparents. :)


Back in the day that used to be this restaurant that served some of the best sweet and sour pork. Haha yes.. i ordered sweet and sour pork =P.


Oh my! I don't know how I missed this when Dylan posted on it. Glad you did this one. Pork belly here I come!


Hi Billy - This place is pretty good - if you don't mind the wait.

Hi Liz - Yeah, the wait is kinda crazy....but people (including us) were willing to wait. The prices really aren't too bad, especially if you're used to San Diego prices.

Hi clayfu - Nothing you eat or say surprises me! LOL!

Hi Elmo - I don't know how you missed this one either! I'm sure I'll be reading a post soon.

The Office Goat

Holy cow! Road trip worthy, indeed!! But oy, the crowd ...


Cat has that same problem. Every time she really falls in love with a store or product, it ends up closing or is discontinued. I tease her that she should market her services as a predictor for the long tail.


Hi TOG - If the line when we arrived was like the one when we were leaving, we'd have bailed. Pretty good interesting stuff here.

Hi CP - Man, I hate when stuff like that finally get something you like, and's like they shut the door on your foot!

Jeff c

Glad you finally got to go on the road trip to Elite. I definitely will have to try this place next time I'm in Los Angeles.
I was initially put off by the "swankiness" of the place but I see that they really go all out for their ingredients.


Hi Jeffrey - But did you notice the 'B' Health Dept swanky is that? ;o) I think they do better on the friend, and more interesting items....


Hey Kirk,

For awhile there, I thought you and the Missus were going to my favorite brunch spots with that cursed Dior Handbag!!! Whew, thank goodness you changed things this year. Keep that damn purse away from the Westgate!

It’s too bad, but Chef Axel has closed his restaurant indefinitely…too much catering work.


Hi Jim - Yeah, we sure had a cloud following us around when it came to buffets. And we really didn't want to curse another buffet....god forbid the Westgate!


Kirk! Long are you? I've been going through extreme dim sum withdrawl since moving so my husband and I are driving down to LA for dim sum this Sunday (and might squeeze in Thai and Sichuan food while we're there..oh, and of course a trip to Ranch 99). It's sick, I know. I only have one day/night! So, should I go to Elite? I love bao and dumplings/shumai/har gow. What do you recommend? (please help!)


Hi Kady - How are you! we all miss you! Places like Elite, Sea Harbor (3939 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770), Mission 261(261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel CA 91776) make the upscale "new style Dim Sum. I think you'll be pleased. Make sure to get soe Xiao Long Bao when you have a chance as well. You may enjoy the Sichuan from ChungKing - the chef from Ba Ren used to be head chef there.

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