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Friday, 30 November 2007



I love Culver's. When I lived in Wisconsin, where the chain was founded, they're pretty popular in the more rural areas. Their fries are always cooked in fresh oil...I miss their chili cheese fries now.


Deep fried cheese curds....we need them to open up here in San Diego!


Wholly smokes the food looks great and I just had lunch and for some reason I really want a burger for dinner tonight despite my homemade chicken pot pie. Fried cheese curd.


A Chicken Fried Steak sandwich sounds awesome! And maybe a side of gravy! The fried cheese curd is something new for me. Heck, I'll try anything fried!!


Hi Melissa-Glad I could trigger a memory for you. I like your website.
You do know Trader Joe's sells curds now, don't you Kirk? All we have to do battering and deep frying them.
Oh I love Chicken Pie, Bill. I love burgers, too, as you can see...and the curds...mmm!!!
The chicken fried steak as a sandwich is perfect, Carol. If I had mashed, then I would *need* gravy. Kirk did blog about fried cheese curds when he was in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this year...I'm just keeping up that Midwest Theme. Curds are found at almost all State Fairs back there...and not here...yet. A wonderful snack, or main course!


wow, a butter burger! and that fried steak burger! sounds delicious! it's been fun reading about your road trip. looking forward to your other posts.

Wandering Chopsticks

I was gonna ask you how your cholesterol is doing, but then I saw you hit Culver's. Deep-fried cheese curds. Whoohee! :P Were they "squeaky fresh"?


Steak+Burger= Chicken Fried Steak

That is the craziest math ever, and pretty much only makes sense in MO. I miss Steak & Shake. I LOVED going there as a child, although we could never go enough.

I was wondering where your cup of Ted Drew's Custard was, and I realized it's Nov-Dec...Sigh.


Hi CC- Yes, it was good food, and I am so glad I had a chance to blog it. Only one more 'from the road' post though...but we already have ideas for next year...
Yes, WC, the curds kind of squeaked, after you crunched through the seasoned batter...and I have no idea about cholesterol numbers, but know you can just take a pill to make it all better.

So, you must be from the midwest, too, PGS...knowing that some places are "seasonal" and all. Steak and Shake is one of those places we *have* to hit, not many of the others...(except for Fragels and Blimpy's)...and, yes, your mathematical equation is correct.


next time you go to steak and shake you should get the chili mac 5 way....i grew up in stl (now resident of san diego) so i know what i'm talkin about!


Hello (and welcome), T...actually that was exactly what The Mister was going to order, but he more did not want any beef product...which is why I did get the chili as my side- I *needed* to taste it. But I will be getting it on the next trip...and blogging it, of course. :)

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