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Tuesday, 27 November 2007



That's some crazy burgers! I couldn't help but think of The Simpson's "Good Morning Burger".


Happy holidays!!!!!! Long time no post =) That bagel looks so yummy!


Those burgers look great!

The Cube! I only recognize it from the audition tape from the winner of the USA Ninja Warrior try-outs (Collin B). Sorry, totally off track here.

Have a safe trip back!


I love the blimpy burger review I wish there was something simple and yummy like that around here.


Those burgers are cheap!


Hi, Denver! The closest similar burger (that is also less than $3) is the Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger, which I get. Regularly.

Hello YummieYummy! Yes, I was wondering where you were. I am exhausted. Still crave the salt bagels, but even more crave the fragel, which isn't a great photo, but tasted so good-warm and chewy and crunchy...

It's OK, Carol. You can see how scattered my posting was. I had so many thoughts that I wanted to express and...apparently did so. We are actually home now, but the trip postings will continue. It was an unusually accident free drive.

Bill- I keep looking of those hole-in-the-wall places...because- I guess-no, I know- Blimpy's was my "standard".

Hi, Nate. Thing is, those are the highest prices we ever paid...You can see that menu is pretty much left over from the 70's, with that style of art...the only change is the pricing. But, yes, the overall prices are dirt cheap. Still. So very, very worth it...


Hi Cathy!! I still come in here once in a while, but too busy w/ the holidays and family visiting so I didn't post anything =) They all left now so I'm back to my normal food blogging :P


Oh wow I always thought cracker barrel would be cool to stop by on the florida turnpike but my ex-boyfriend never made an effort to stop by. Note that he is an ex- :P Thanks for sharing that about it at least I now know a bit more about the chain. Too bad I live in Aus but will definitely try to make it there on any road trips next time I am int he US.

Krazy Jims also sounds like a yummy burger joint.


YY! Holidays can change so many schedules...and then it is January and we try to change them ourselves with "New Years Resolutions" and everything seems different from now until...I dunno, it all somehow turns into "normal" for most of us...Glad to hear from you. Still have to post about that place in El Cajon...
Rachel- Hello Down There! Yes, you sort of now know what you missed. Cracker Barrel is not expensive -and yet not fast food-and located off of a freeway exit- and not in the middle of any Town in America. Most locations make a *really good* fried chicken on Sunday only. If you *ever* were to get to Ann Arbor, you know the best place to stop...great food, inexpensive and soooo good.


Yes it changes quite a bit lately. This year I'm a little behind on Christmas decoration too =( Usually I don't make New Year Resolutions, but this year I do. It's okay about the post. I'm really proud of the Pho over there, so I used to always wonder have you or Kirk try it yet. It's that time for Pho again =)

Messy Jessy

Mmmm...Cracker Barrel! I love the hash brown casserole and I often get breakfast for dinner! Yum!

Burgers look fantastic! I like home style burger joints! Great Post!


Oh boy is today a pho day, or what, YY? That one is the closest to my home and I have been there quite a few times. I think Christmas decorating is put off for a few more days...and I try to make a resolution I will stick to, so I don't disappoint myself. Wow, I now have two posts!
Messy Jessy-I totally did not blog the hash brown casserole and I do so love time. Crazy Jim's is now a sort of legend and yet wasn't when I went there to eat: it was just cheap, College Student Food, that still tastes the same, almost as many years later as you are old...(Happy Birthday, BTW)

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