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Thursday, 01 November 2007


Christine D.

Mmm, the pictures of those won tons got my mouth watering!

I thought about the irony, and I think that I've gotten more upset stomachs at "A" places than "B" and under eateries. What's up with that?


I would like to make a recommendation if you ever come up to LA again for beef noodle soup. I highly highly recommend Beef Noodle King in Alhambra. It's the best beef noodle soup I have in Los Angeles! I always order half beef/half tendon (which is not on the menu). You can see menu and pictures at


dang. i was all in the mood to roast some beef until this. now i want those chili oil wontons! glad your feeling better, and back to posting!


You make a good point there at the end of this post. A lot of C-rated joints have much better food rotation from sheer business than some A-listed ones.


on Colima and Punta Del Este Dr is this beef noodle place called Cindy's Kitchen. They serve their own fresh noodles with about 6-7 different soups. Then they have a bunch of little cold dishes you can get.

DELICIOUS! my favorite place!

Its called Cindy's kitchen


Hey Kirk, you going back to Ba Ren anytime soon?


'Kirk is not feeling well'...
'indisposed'...'under the weather'... I was trying to be subtle... jeeeez. Anyhow, glad you are better. This place looks good.


Poor Kirk. I too have known the screaming pain of treacherous food. Glad you're feeling better. I'd stay away from wontons in chili oil for a while, though. =)

Wandering Chopsticks

Aww, sorry to hear bad food knocked you out. I hate when that happens. I ate at a C-rated restaurant last week too and boy was it good! :)

Dave B

I think LA county's website has not only a listing of restaurants that don't have an A, but -why- they got that B or C.

Could mean all the difference.


Hi Christine - I think there are certain ways that Asian Restaurant prepare their food, that don't meet Western standards.

Hi Eileen - Thanks for the recommendations, I'll add it to my list.

Hi Santos - Chili oil won tons over roast beef sandwiches any day of the week! ;o)

Hi Trent - Good point.

Hi clayfu - Wow, I've never heard of that place, I'll be sure to check it out.

Hi Dan - Probably when my stomach is back to normal. We still go rather regularly, but haven't since got back from Peru. I thought most people would be rather sick and tired of more Ba Ren posts!

Hi Cathy - I can always count on you to be discreet and are much better at that than I am!

Hi CP - Lucky for me, I wasn't nearly as sick as you were....I still shudder to think.....

Hi WC - Thanks, I'm feeling better.

Hi Dave - It was nice seeing you the other night.

Jeff C

OOOh, when I read that you were not feeling well, I thought you got the stomach flu thats been going around. But to get hit by food poisoning, ughgghh! Had that happen to me with a left over vindaloo chicken that I should have thrown away. Lets just say explosive vomiting and stuff coming out the other end and IVs for 3 days.
As for Noodle house, more reasons why I need to stay longer when when I go to Los Angeles.


Hi Jeffrey - Let me say, I felt your pain...and never want too again. In the SGV, there seems to be a unending amount of places to try......

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