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Sunday, 18 November 2007



Hmmm I have tried to write a comment about four times now and erased them. Thanks Kirk, it looks so mouth watering delicious! I wish you could send some my way! :)


Wow talk about exotic !!! I would definitely love to try just the normal Cebiche, any other "Exotic" variations would be a bonus!


Hi Mills - I wish I could get more myself! Hope all is well, nice to hear from you again!

Hi Rachel - It's amazing how man variations of the classic cebiche there is........


I wish I had a chance to eat at these places on my trips to Peru. Lima certainly is growing up.

"Pecados" = sins; "Pescado" = fish (the meat). Notice how the "s" in the restaurant's sign is thin, slipped in between the other letters, suggesting the meaning. Clever.

Total unrelated:
We tried Grab & Go Subs (on Mission Gorge, next to Kaiser) during the hospital stay. Those are some great subs. Almost worth the $50.00 it cost you a couple years back. I roped my mother-in-law into trying the place instead of the Subway down the road. She wasn't happy at first, but after the first bite she changed her tune.

Although the prices are not as competitive as the good ban mi joints in town, the size of those sandwiches at Grab & Go is something else, and the meats are better quality than I expected.

Perhaps we should recommend San Diego-style sub sandwiches on Chowhound when out-of-towners ask for local favorites. Subs and Bahn Mi and Tortas and Tortillas - San Diego is a good place for lunch.


Hi Joseph - Thanks for taking some time out of your very busy day! I don't know when you were in Peru last, but the food scene in Lima is quite vibrant. Funny thing about them sandwiches....In Little Italy you have 4 shops that do pretty good sandwiches - Pete's Meats, Solunto's, and Mona Lisa - same can be said for many areas of City Heights for Banh Mi.


Lust is a good one to end on...


Hey CP - You got that sure ain't Restraint......


greetings! i am so glad my little restaurant reviews on my blog have helped some folks dip a bit deeper into the wonderful depths of peruvian cuisine.

if and when you return to lima, i urge you to try the sancochado at rincon chami, the ceviche ganador at sonja's and the parihuela at la red.


Hi Kleph - Thanks for doing such great work....and the recs, our list for our next trip is getting larger.


OK...I'm salivating now...


Hi Alejandro - That is some beautiful food, ain't it?

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