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Wednesday, 07 November 2007



To bad the sun wasn't out but that was beautiful.


You musta been an Inca in another life.


Hi Billy - Yes, it was beautiful.

Hi RNOW - Well, the Missus believes She was an(ahem..) Inca Princess in a former life....

ed (from Yuma)

Wow. More Peruvian posts. I was afraid we had seen the last of them. I just wish reading about cebiche was as good as eating it!

Alice Q. Foodie

Have you tried the Ceviche at Latin Chef? It was delicious - and VERY spicy!!


Hi Ed - There's much more....

Hi Alice - Well maybe this post will answer your question:

Yes. we've had the cebiche at Latin Chef many need to have a baseline after all.....

Jeffrey C

Hey Kirk, was just watching Globetrekker on Ecuador and the host was trying to attempt to try Cuy. She didn't try it but I didn't realize that Ecuador has similar foodstuffs to Peru. They only Peruvian food I've ever had was near Redondo Beach and it was a lot of potatoes. I'll definitly have to try more...Kirk, did you see Deep End Dinings forays into Oaxacan cuisine?


Hi Jeffrey - Yes, I read that Cuy had first been domesticated as far back as 5000 BC. Cuy is consumed in all of the Andean countries, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. I think what sets Peru apart are wide influences (Chinese-Japanese-Spanish-Andean)on the cuisine. Yes, I have been keeping up with Deep End Dining.....

Account Deleted

Wow… Great to see the mouth watering delicious dishes. There are many nice restaurants on a side street of a mostly residential area in Miraflores. Excellent Experience!

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