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Thursday, 08 November 2007


Christine D.

They should make a waffle with a hashbrown patty cooked right into the center. Now THAT, you would remember! =D


And fried chicken of course. :)

We used to go here all the time when we lived in Mission Hills. Fun place. And yah, that ramp from NB 5 to EB 8 seems to have 2-3 accidents a year.


Everything taste good withe gravy or au jus ;-). LoL was at Costco this week and bought the big bag of white potatoes and proceed to make garlic mash potato I'm half way done. Now I got to figure out what to do with the rest. I think making hashbrowns its called for... :-D


Oh nice! The Mister is a corned-beef hash junkie and loves his potato hash. Hash and waffles, that's my kind of breakfast. Perry's is getting added to the breakfast list. :)


One thing you forgot to mention about Perry's is the amazing service. On several occasions, the waitress asked if I wanted coffee, and then poured the coffee upon my saying yes, before my butt hit the seat.


i've always wondered what it was like inside perry's, having passed by it many times on the freeway. those hash browns looked really good! great post as always.


Ooooh man, it's been FOREVER since I've had hash browns! I loved the ones from McDonald's growning up...hehe, and I still do! Gotta find me some 'real' ones though! ;)


those are hash browns?....hehe, they do look different from McDonalds'.

The Guilty Carnivore

I love the crispy sysco-browns myself. And Perry's, a familiar haunt - many a hungover breakfast was had there back in the day. Old skool and really hits the spot.


This is one of those places I've passed every day for 5 years, and I haven't managed to make it inside. Looks like a nice little breakfast spot.


Hi Christine - For some reason what you described sounded like something you'd get at the county fair!

Hi Jan - Fried chicken...well that gives me something new to try next time!

Hi Billy - That's a lot of potatoes.....

Hi Carol - Perry's is good old-school.

Hi Jim - The service is always efficient...even with the masses.

Hi Reynila - The hash browns at Perry's are always cooked right.

Hi Kathy - McDonalds???? That's a deep fried potato cake....

Hi RONW - I guess there's a generation or two who think hashbrowns are supposed to look that way.

Hi GC - I'm guessing Perry's was just the right cure for a hangover.

Hi Howie - Perry's is nice old school....

The Office Goat

I always get the nopales cactus & eggs (with beans & tortillas for sides) and maybe an order of pancakes or something just to fill in the corners.


Hi TOG - It seems that everyone has their favorites at Perry's..... anything with hashbrowns is mine.


Have you guys tried The Old Townhouse Restaurant in Ocean Beach? Food is much better than Perry's. Not bagging Perry's but The Old Townhouse is cheaper and friendlier service.


Hi Mary - One of the good things about San Diego is the availability of good breakfasts....I think one could go into almost any neighborhood and get a nice breakfast. Thanks for the recommendation.


Oh NO!!!


Hi Liver - I saw that on the news the other night...something like 200k in damages.....I hope they get things repaired and are back in action soon.


Because no one has posted since, this place has definitely been up and running again


Hey Loren - I posted an update here:

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