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Monday, 26 November 2007



Seems like everyone had a safe and very filling holiday and its not over yet! ;-)


Hey Kirk, you can wave a burrito in front of me any day!


Ah, now if you were to hold the burrito with those chopsticks...then we'd have an idea how big it is!


I've only been to JV's a couple times, and haven't sampled the burritos.....but the chicken mole bowl was quite tasty.


umm....what is a "california burrito?"


Cool! Another Mexican place near where I live. Gotta try that place this week. Sour cream in a California burrito sounds good. Curses, I'm hungry now!


What happened to the Rotation list in the right-hand column? Are you updating it?


Hi Billy - All that's missing are the burritos.

Hi Carol - Thanks, I'll make sure to remember that....

Hi Elmo - I'd probably break my wrist.....

Hi Julie - Hmmmm, maybe i'll try that next time.

Hi RONW - A burrito filled with Carne Asada and French Fries....two of the major food groups.

Hi Denver - Check out Nico's when you have a chance as's in the same area.

Hi Joseph - Yes, I'm working on updating it.... I need to get back on it soon.


Hey Kirk - I absolutely LOVE JV's (both my wife and I are USD alums) and I've been eating there since the late 90's.

IMHO, the Roast Pork (not carnitas) burrito is Da'BEST! I'm also a huge fan of the 21 shrimp scampi with extra tomatillo/garlic sauce and corn tortillas.

I guess I know what we're grabbing fo dinna.


Hi Denny - Another thing I haven't tried...the roast pork, I'll make sure to check it out next time. I haven't had much luck with anything that has shrimp at JV's...they tend to be really rubbery.


To hungry people, you gotta try the surf and turf. Carne, shrimp, rice& veg. Double wrapped with 2 tortillas. yas

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