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Saturday, 17 November 2007



I used to eat there a lot when I worked in the area. The char siu is very lean; a bit of fat would improve it greatly.

My coworkers used to call Chung Hing "The Pork Nazi," in reference to Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi." Step up to the counter, indicate what number of combination plate you want in a loud, clear voice, step to the side, pay, receive your order. One coworker attempted to order something outside the delineated numbers ("Two sides of pork instead of chicken wings, all fried rice.") and the lady got mad at him.


to be disappointed by the char sui from a Chinese restaurant, no less....that's a real letdown.


mmmm BBQ pork noodles ... a classic! Your presentation was more appetizing than most places. Bet it was much more yummy too.


Since moving away from Hawaii, I've really enjoyed the Char Siu from Sam Woo downtown LA. Since moving to El Cajon, I haven't had a chance to try it at their location in the 99 Ranch Market in San Diego. If its anything like their LA location, it would definitely be worth a try.


I miss red char siu! they only have the brown/grey kind here!!


Thanks for the easy recipe and noodle advice. We're driving back from the Bay Area next Saturday and that would be a nice easy thing to make after the long drive.


The char sui looks good. Too bad it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

A co-worker told me she loves the bbq pork at at Chung Hing when she saw what I was reading. Since this is close to work, I might have to pop in to try it. If anything, I'll use it in fried rice. =)

Kirk, your stir fried egg noodles looks yummy! I'll have to try that. Thanks!


Hi Fred - She did look like she was a bit short.

Hi RONW - You don't know how disappointing....

Hi Rachel - Really....I just pile all the stuff on.

Hi Keoki - Let's just say all Sam Woo's are not ct=reated equal. There are several really good Chinese BBQ places in the SGV.

Hi Kat - Oh, but Chashu in Tonkotsu Ramen.....oh my!

Hi Jan - Yep, real easy, through the darn thing in the wok and stir away.

Hi Carol - I found that steaming, instead of boiling the noodles makes the difference.

CharSiuBao, do you happen to know the secret of frying the noodles into a crispy "birds nest"?

btw, your noodles remind me of the stir-fried noodles with turkey my mom made with some of the thanksgiving leftovers


Hi CSB - I use two round bottom strainers - make sure you have enough oil. Place the noodles over the bottom of one, place the other over, deep fry in enough oil.

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