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Thursday, 25 October 2007



Don't what to say but glad to see you guys still up and at it.



I'm glad to hear you're OK, Cathy. That's a shame about Witty. She looks like a real sweetheart.


Hi Cathy,

Having lived through a few of these fires (and some hurricanes back East, some earthquakes up north, and a couple of muli-car accidents), I decided a while back that God puts some of us here to take care of others, and if we do so, while we aren't offered invulnerability, we're made luckier than most.

The work you do on yoso (yoso-helpful?), added to those kindnesses you share each day with the people you meet in the world, may explain your good fortune. From Day 1, I have appreciated the information and perspective you offer on the blog, as I know others have. I imagine that you manage to lift up the servers and restaurant owners you meet along the way, as well.

Such kindness and support is its own kind of burden, but as I'm sure you would agree, it's also rewarding as hell. So thanks, sweetie, for taking care of us, and when you get cleaned up at home, please let us know about your next great meal!



Hey, Bill..I realize it was kind of a downer post, but there was no way to do anything upbeat, nor to ignore the world around us in San Diego County. We are very fortunate and moving forward.
Thanks, Howie. She was a good girl and I know had a fun life and was active until last Friday.
Thanks for the encouragement, Omar. I grew up in Michigan, with Tornado Watch and Warning codes by county blasted on the bottom right corner of TV screens. I am glad we have a 'heads up' system out here also. I do have some posts ready from meals I had before the fires, but want to re-word them a bit....then move forward with meals eaten after the fires. Most likely with friends and neighbors...

ed (from Yuma)

Actually, this was a great post. Out here in Yuma, I was feeling the big disconnect with all my friends (some I still haven't heard from) over the mountains.

Events this scary do kinda put the small inconveniences in life in perspective.

Thanks for the lurching steps back to normalcy.


Hi Cathy--glad to read that you and the rest of the mmm-yoso crew are maintaining some semblance of normalcy. My condolences on Witty's death--sad coincidence, or did the smoke just push her over the edge?


hey Cathy,

i'm just glad to hear you're all doing okay... but Starbucks sucks...

take care... from the 909... ;)



Hey, ed- I just remembered I wrote to you when it all me, brain freeze sets in and not much ends up being important. That, plus no electricity or cable, and we all forget to respond to the emails. Four years ago, when we evacuated and then came home to nothingness for another three days, a lot of priorities changed for us...up to and including the importance of not keeping the freezer too full...I do admit, while waiting for 'the phone call' I started to eat up (and drink) all those things I was saving "for an important occasion"...this was it. Thanks for staying in touch.
Hi, MizD- No, Witty was never as healthy as the others- hat a heart murmur, only weighed about 7 lbs, only had 7 teeth when I got her...she was pretty good, but never as active as the other four dogs...and she was bad last Saturday morning and I took her to the Vet, and home... and by Sunday morning, we knew her kidneys were failing along with some other additional unrelated problems and it was time. When she died, there were only fires in Malibu as far as I knew... Thanks for the kind words.
DCCF! I haven't seen you in more than a year! I figured a generic Starbucks post was a gentle ease back into all of this...and Starbucks/TMobile has free wifi all over Southern California, which is nice for all the displaced people... I usually only get a cup of coffee there anyhow...and so, it isn't a bad nor expensive place...


Hi Cathy,

It's very nice to read this post from you. I think Starbucks is very community oriented. Their ice latte is always refreshing on a hot day. My favorite location is in Broadway, El Cajon. They know my drinks so well and also very friendly. After what happened, this is like a comfort place for me. I'm so happy to see most things around me didn't change much and sorry to those had loss their homes. Thank God everyone I know is still okay (just evacuate a little)!


Hey Cathy! I'm glad to hear everything is okay on your end. I'm so sorry to hear about Witty. Wise words from Kirk. We haven't started to clean up yet cuz we heard there's another Santa Ana heading our way. But when we do, I will certainly look at those ashes differently.

Alice Q. Foodie

Cathy - sorry to hear about your sweetie. I shudder to think...

Glad you're ok and weren't affected as severely this time as the last. I find it difficult to get worked up about any inconveniences I might suffer when I think about what some people have lost.


Hi, YY- I do like Starbucks for the coffee and some of the food and the wifi...and of course the air conditioning in the summer...tha location is kind of small, but I have been there quite a few times. A couple of the locations I go to regularly do recognize me and know I get my coffee in a "for here" cup. Yes, we are all fortunate to be able to only have to talk about the fires.
Thanks, Carol. All I remember from the last fires was that no matter how much I cleaned, I would still find a corner or nook I had missed, so I am not in any hurry.
Hi, Alice..thanks. It is always difficult when you are a owner. I do know we gave the Little Witty a good life here and her step- sister, Staples, as well as Extra and big brothers Nutmeg and Bay Leaf also miss her. So much happened last week to all of us and it is confusing but also maybe will re-center us and our priorities.

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