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Sunday, 07 October 2007


Christine D.

Haha, I was not expecting this place to be Vietnamese-owned, unless they were offering crawfish.


It is so much easier to write about bad meals, isn't it? Thanks for taking one for me. So, this is "Cathy Country", eh? It is just a little East...really.


Thanks for taking one for the team, Kirk.

Such a shame about this place. When they opened (last year?) the chicken was really excellent, replacing Popeye's for a while on my "I need to stop and pick up dinner for all these houseguests" list. The service was always brusque, but I chalked that up to cultural differences (the reason I'm able to like France).

Different subject: I have information and photos from KB’s Memphis BBQ in Santee, if you're interested; n.b., it's the essentially the same report you made for Southern Style Kitchen.



What a disappointment. I was excited to hear of some cheap eats.


Hi Christine - I don't know if they're Vietnamese owned, but that lady was pretty funny.

Hi Cathy - Actually, it is easier to enjoy and love everything. It is harder to be fair and honest......Some things were okay, some items were pretty much terrible.

Hi Omar - Let me tell you.....after living for 5 years in the SGV, I can really talk to you about cultural differences and restaurant service. I'll be in touch as soon as I shake my cold.

Hi Billy - 3 course meal in Cusco for s/12......3 bucks! he-he-he. The Missus is still having sticker shock on her return to San Diego.

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
At least the fried okra sounded good, crispy outside, creamy inside, mmmm.

penny the BOLD NEW FLAVOR (!) on the catfish just makes me think something shady is going on. Catfish already has a pretty distinct flavor-and most of the time it doesn't need to be bolder. blearghh...


same thing with the food at this Cajun place at Holiday Mart (Kaheka St.)....labeled as "Cajun," but poor redition thereof.


fried chicken + croissant + vietnamese people = what a wonderful/interesting world we live in! lol :)


What a funny post. I heard there will be another crawfish place open up. I'm up for the challenge!


I love traveling south of the border. Food is so so so so so so cheap and great. You can feed an army!


Hi CJ - Yes, that Fried Okra was very good.

Hi Penny - Leave it up to marketing hyperbole.....

Hi RONW - I think there are more renditions of Cajun that good.

Hi Kathy - Crawfish + Vietnamese is a good combination!

Hi YY - I'm sure you are....

Hi Billy - This place is actually in San Diego.

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