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Tuesday, 16 October 2007



Hey Kirk,

How would you compare the food in this place to Tita's Kitchenette? Right now, my wife thinks that Tita's Kitchenette is the best restaurant in the world! I kidd you not, especially the pink food!

Your thoughts please?


Never really or have tried Filipino food before. Am I missing out on something here?



try cenote grill in escondido. The best papusas.

Brian Bautista

Wow! They open at 5:30am!?!? I can finally get Tapsilog for breakfast rather than the run of the mill bagels and waffles I normally get. Good find!


>somewhat worn and gritty interiors of some of our ethnic eateries

haaaaaaaaa! thanks for making me smile. (and snort water out of my nose)


Hi Jim - It really depends on what you enjoy. Tita's has the most generous portions, and people I know like the sinigang, caldereta, pansit palabok, hamonado, pork adobo, and BBQ. They can be pretty mean, though. Point-point makes pretty good lechon, BBQ, and the Missus likes the sinigang. Pinoy Fiesta's lechon was very good. You can cherry pick your way through National City!

Hi Billy - If you like pork(and I know you do)'re missing out!

Hi Brian - Give 'em a call, that's what the sign said. Man, longsilog sounds really good right now.

Hi Santos - Was that an understatement....or what? Glad I could make you laugh....sorry about the nose thing. ;o)


I've never tried Pinoy food. I must expand my horizons.


Hey CP - Give Elmomonster a buzz, he seems to have a line on good Filipino Food in LA.


Oh man. Sisig has also become one of my weaknesses. LOVE LOVE the stuff. And yep, Magic Wok has one of the best. Even the sisig you had here looked good to me, eventhough you say it was gummy. Although sisig is good when it's crisp and fresh, I still relish any next day leftovers greasy and limp as they may be.


Hey Elmo - What I like about eating Sisig the following day is that the flavors are even more intense....


Hi Kirk, haven't been here in a while. Glad to see you've got another Pinoy food post AND even GLADDER that you guys are okay -- when I heard about the wildfires I thought about you.


Hi Stef - Thanks for thinking of us....yes, lots of Pinoy food to be explored out there in San Diego!

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