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Monday, 08 October 2007



How much gas can you guys handle? LOL Talk about rude!!!!! What happen to common decency. Seems like you guys had a 50/50 hit and miss but overall I doubt you would trade that in for anything else I would assume ;-). I hope by next year I can travel with a buddy of mine to Cusco ,Peru. Did I mention he's Peruvian?



Mmmmmmm, ice cream! I don't believe I've had this flavor before.

Captain Jack

I had a similar experience on my first visit to Germany. "Mit gas" was quite a surprise upon first taste.


Hi Billy - The Missus is really good at holding her breath! ;o) You'll have a blast in Cusco...two little words to remember; Chicharroneria & Pincanteria!

Hi Reid - Lucuma has a very distinctive flavor, it is quite good.

Hi CJ - Whew....I thought you were going to write about flatulence! he-he-he. Man, that bottle just about exploded in my face.

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