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Wednesday, 10 October 2007



Man. I can't keep with your posts. I check back and there are like three more than I remembered. So, judging by your enthusiasm, Peru is like the ultimate foodie tourist mecca!

Little Miss Contrary

I am so envious of your travels but I am thoroughly enjoying all the pictures and stories from Peru, especially from the Mercado Central--can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!


WOW! I'm starving now. I can't wait for the next one.


One thing I've noticed about your Peru street shots is that they are SO CLEAN!


Biting my nails waiting for more pics and words. very cool stuff.


Hi Elmo - The food in Peru is very diverse, as is the population, once you get away from the tourist stuff, the food generally gets incrementally better. And as the posts was getting better and better.

Hi LMC - Mucho gracias! I hope that I'm able to live up to your expectations.

Hi Billy - Just looking at that Cabrito makes me hungry too.....

Hi Nate - The sidewalks and streets of Cusco, though very rustic, and a bit dusty were very clean. Every morning shop keepers, cart owners would wash down te front of teir shops. Lima, well that's a different story.

Hi Michael - We really love Cusco.


oh man this was a super delicious looking post! ...funny enough, out of all the dishes you order, it's the potatoes that leave me salivating, hehe! :)


can't wait to read the rest! oh, i want to go back to try all the food that i missed!


Just wanted to say a quick thanks for your posts on Peru. I'm hoping to plan a trip in the next 12 to 18 months, and your posts should prove invaluable in convincing my friends that this is a must do. Really great stuff. Thanks.


Hi Kathy - I'm glad something looked good! LOL! BTW, Peruvian potatoes, and there are many varieties....are usually very tasty.

Hi Melissa - I wish I had another month to eat.

Hi Krista - Thanks, I hope my posts will be of some use. Please feel free to email any questions.



It all looks so good! Especially that plate that the missus had. You sure missed out!

Christine D.

I *can't* believe that it can get better! Another great post!

Haha, that was a funny incident with the Missus and those two ladies.


Hi Reid - Yes, the Cabrito al Horno was very good.

Hi Christine - It does get better.....much better.


I looooooove Cusco too. =D Meats meats meats!


Hey CP - Not just meat...its "DEEP FRIED MEAT"....... ;o)



Just kill me now and get it over with, but remember the cabrito el horno and the chicharron...:D Thanks for making me hungry!


Hi Mills - You're most welcome....think of it as payment for making us wonder where the heck you were for so long!


Your Peru trip sounds amazing. Im hoping to hit up a couple of the same spots when I head out to Peru soon. Thanks!


Hi Jackie - I hope you have a great time! Cusco now has many new places to try, like Gaston Acurio's.

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