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Thursday, 04 October 2007


Christine D.

Wonderful post! I'm loving your stories from Peru and I can't wait for more after your SoCal posts.


Hi Christine - Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying these posts....I've been worried, they are kinda long.


I'm learning so much with your posts. And I can't believe you dranks that spit drink...I saw it on Bourdain's show and thought, damn, I don't think I'd ever go for guys are brave!


Wonderful entry, Kirk!! I really enjoyed it, a lot! This is one place my husband and I would love to see someday. How fantastic that you and the missus have seen & experienced this historic place.

I'm glad I'm inside my hotel room right now checking my mails when suddenly I thought of visiting Machu Pichu fascinates me to no end.

have a fine week end, Kirk.


did you know that the feather of a condor was the prefered writing instrument way way back? (writers' trivia)


Those pictures are gorgeous! I hope I'll be able to make it there one day...


That was exciting.....



Gosh, I haven't had El Pollo Loco in years (1993). I liked the yuca fritas there. Mmmm. Memories!

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh man, as much as I love your SoCal posts, I want to see the alpaca fashion show! :)


Hi Elmo - We say Bourdain's trip to Peru when we returned, and cracked up. Chicha is really good stuff.

Hi Thess - Thanks, I hope you're enjoying Thailand!

Hi RONW - Along with the Puma and Snake, the Condor is one of the 3 major symbolic animals in Inca Mythology.

Hi Reid - I don't think they have those at El Pollo Loco any more.....they are all over the place here.

Hi WC - Shucks....I knew I shoulda taken some photos......


Hi Billy - Machu Picchu was a tremondous experience.

Hi Howie - I hope you get to visit Peru....I think you'll love it.


Everything look so wonderful!!! Only...25 more years away for me to travel =)


gorgeous pictures and awesome stories, it's keeping me from doing my work right now! I love the dog pix and the reports on the food.


Hi YY - 25 years???? 25 years???

Hi Sandy - Sorry for being such a distraction. Machu Picchu is truly something to see. We loved the dogs of Cusco.


Wow! I wish I could have seen Machu Picchu. It was very interesting (I came across this site while looking for some help on my spanish assignment for school).
Thanks for posting it.



Hi Lorenzo - Thanks so much for visiting. Believe me when I say, my photos cannot do justice to the majestic beauty of Machu Picchu.


El Pollo Loco? I'm shocked! =)


Hi CP - Pretty funny, huh?


Hi, wonderful!! I love the way that you tell us your experience, and, by any chance, Do you have Camacho email?? or did you get one of his books???


Hi Ivonne - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I sent you what little info I have on Prof Paredes.... I hope it helps.

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