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Wednesday, 03 October 2007


ed (from Yuma)

Not bored at all! Fascinating stuff. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Wandering Chopsticks

Bored? This was WONDERFUL!!! The Missus is a riot! I loved the anecdotes. I enjoyed this so much because of those snippets. :)


Wow, this sure beats my 6th grade report on Peru. Speaking of which, even though I hated doing schoolwork, the project had me wanting to go there.

Guess I'll have to settle for Latin Chef for now. :)


I agree with Ed. I feel like I'm watching a special on the Travel Channel. I love it! I'm not much for group tours but I'd certainly take one if you and your Missus were part of the tour pack. I'd be one of those stalkers, I mean people, who say, "hey, let's follow them since they seem to know what they're doing." Really, Kirk, this is great. Thanks for taking so much time to share with us.


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for devoting vacation time to documenting the adventure for the rest of us.

Your account and excellent photos offer a well-crafted evaluation of a place my wife and I are considering visiting, from the perspective of people who travel the way we do.

Guide books and travel TV seldom offer the sort of details you've posted here, and your anecdotes put an authentic, "local" face on the places, people and food.

Please visit, write about and photograph Argentina, Libya, Palestine and Vietnam as soon as you get a chance. That'll be a big help to us, as my wife and I can't decide between them as we plan our next trip.



Count me in with the definitely-not-bored! That's hilarious that the missus asked to carry the baby -- and that the mom let her do it! Probably wouldn't be able to get away with that in the US. :-)


Hi Ed - We had more fun on this day, than almost any we can remember!

Hi WC - The Missus is quite a character......

Hi Jan - There's nothing like the real thing....though after eating our way through Peru, Latin Chef is not a bad choice!

Hi Carol - Thanks.....we had a blast!

Hi Omar - I'll go there if you're paying! ;o) LOL! BTW, you may get a few posts on one of the Countries requested next year......

Hi Howie - I'm glad you're enjoying these know what an irresistable force the Missus can be.


Wow, Inca King, king of food ;-)

I am so looking forward to traveling to Peru. Awesome adventure!


Inka Cola! Yeah! It's the real mellow yellow.

See? This is what happens when you let the Missus get into the chicha so early in the day. =b

Awesome article. Really awesome.


AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing.

Captain Jack

Great photos and compelling commentary Kirk. Thanks so much for sharing.


Kirk--it's great experiencing Peru through your photos and text, and it's equally great witnessing the gusto with which you and the Missus throw yourselves into the adventure. The food ... the awesome valleys ... just fabulous. Rock on.


Regarding the baby-carrying thing: it looks like something used in China, and perhaps that triggered something for the Missus. I don't know how commonly it's used nowadays, and it's probably used more in the villages. My mom gave me one when my daughter was an infant, but I couldn't get used to carrying the baby on my back.

Great posts about your trip! I look forward to the next installment.


Hi Billy - I think you'll love Peru.

Hi CP - Thanks....we loved Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Hi YY - I'm glad you enjoyed this was so easy to write.

Hi CJ - As you can tell, we had a blast.

Hi Mizducky - You know the Missus, She'll always find a way.....

Hi Sandy - You have a great point, I never thought of that. Perhaps it was something visceral....



Looks like the missus had loads of fun. I hope you did too!


Hi Reid - Once I caught my breath, I had a great time! ;o) That chicha made my day!


Just a short 'correction'..chicha is usually made by chewing maize and spitting it back to the pot..there's your origin of the name..i hope you enjoyed it :))

Eugene Head

Wow, Pisac is majestic! Every view is just so breathtaking. The roof ornaments look interesting. It's great to know that these roof decors symbolize meaningful icons for the locals. Ahh, those Chicharrones are so tempting! ;)

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