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Tuesday, 02 October 2007



Hey, Kirk! These are awesome pictures. I feel like I was there with you. And who can resist those dogs of Cusco?


I guess like they always say when in Peru do as Peruvian do. Street food I think is always the best eats compare to tourist spots.


Great pictures! But did you eat the Guinea Pig meat?? ...I wonder what that tastes like..


Hi Carol - You can't resist those dogs.......

Hi Billy - There are some outstanding restaurants in Lima, but you can always depend on the street food in Cusco!

Hi Hannah - We had Cuy (Guinea Pig) 3 times in Cusco, those will be in upcoming posts. When done right Cuy is almost pork-duck-chicken like. The meat is all dark meat, and the skin is almost like pork skin. It is very good!

Captain Jack

Man those steet vender alpaca anticuchos have me wishing I could tele-transport there right now. They sound awesome.


Speaking of bad "tour" food, when i went to Spain for a week, we ate only Chinese food! We had ONE meal that was paella, which wasn't even that good.

never taking that tour again!

porta rickin rick

Hey Kirk,

My sister is in Cusco right now and will be calling me tonight, is there anywhere that I should tell her she absolutely must eat? Keep in my that she is a vegetarian, so the cuy is definitely out (she had a few as pets when she was a child). Also, any other places that she should go in general? She has been there for a few weeks already and has been to machu pichu and been out dancing and things like that. She will only be there three more days and then goes out to the amazon for a month or so.


Hi CJ - The Missus thought the Alpaca Anticuchos were much more tender than the Beef.

Hi Clayfu - Only Chinese food when touring Spain!!! That is just plain wrong.....

Hi PRR - I sent you an email, I hope you get it.

porta rickin rick

Did not receive an e-mail yet. Maybe my security settings are too high?


Well, I prefer chicha morada over wine by far, but you can have the guinea pig. I'll never ever be able take Cat to Cusco. She'd want to take all of the dogs home with her.

Tourist food sucks. You guys made the right choice.


Hi CP - You need to give Chicha de Jora a try....we wanted to "adopt" El Mayor, we still talk about Him almost daily.


what a cast of characters! Great pictures and that's a shame about the meal... it looked good (well except for those fries)


Hi Sandy - We could have spent the whole week just "dog watching"......

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