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Wednesday, 17 October 2007



Brave, I would too as long as its cooked. Just imagine a tiny little pig ;-)


mucho hospitality.



Home-cooked is always the best. Especially when the food is cooked and served with with love and care. I can only imagine how delicious this meal was for both you and the missus.


what a gracious family, it sounds like a wonderful meal. although, like missus, i would be glad to see the live critters *after* dinner.


I had a Guinea Pig as a pet when i was young. "Rosie" was her name. That thing was so annoying. I should have just eaten it.


The post I've been waiting for! That skin does look amazing. Glad that you could try it in such friendly company.


I've always wanted to try cuy. One of the guys at work had a Peruvian wife, and he used to go on and on about how good it was.


Oh man, this was a very interesting post! I've never heard of people eating guinea pig...but you've got me super duper intrigued! :)...especially on the all dark meat part, hehe!

Christine D.

Wow, I'm touched by their hospitality and I wasn't even a part of it!

What a special meal...


Kirk that was a beautiful post! :) I wonder if my husband would be allergic to eating cuy since he is allergic to the guinea pigs. Not that I can afford to go to Peru anytime. :P


The way you describe it, it sounds delicious! I might be looking at those critters at Petsmart in a whole new light now.

It's great that you got to see what a real, special local family dinner is like.


My friend has Cuy or maybe Koi....Either way I think we would be able to come up with some resipes for them. yummmmeeee!....great work and awsome adventure.

Wandering Chopsticks

Aha! Finally, the post I'd been waiting for. I've heard them described as being like roast pork before but couldn't imagine such little things tasting like such big pigs. Hehe :P


Hi Billy - Yep, sounds about right.

Hi RONW - Yes....

Hi Reid - Nothing can beat great home cooking....

Hi Santos - This was such a special meal, wonderful people, wonderful food.

Hi ikes - LOL! You just broke one of the major can't eat it, if it has a name!

Hi Candice - So much like the best pork skin, light and crunchy.

Hi CP - He wasn't lying to you. In the hands of a skilled cook, it is very good. I've heard unconfirmed stories about Cuy being available in LA.

Hi Kathy - Cuy is considered a delicacy in the Andes - Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Columbia.

Hi Christine - We were just blown away by the hospitality and generousity.

Hi Mills - I dunno, that's an interesting question.

Hi Howie - I wouldn't go rushing into your local neighborhood pet order for Cuy to taste right, it needs a certain diet.

Hi Michael - Cuy??? Koi??? he-he-he....

Hi WC - The skin is much like roasted suckling pig. Not much meat....but lots of skin!


I'm glad you found good cuy! And of course you had to include a few pics of them alive! Great commentary on the history and "the dare factor"...Andrew Zimmern must seem silly to the people he visits. "Cheers!"


Hi Elmo - This was really good Cuy. And as you can tell very fresh, and "free range" to boot!

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