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Sunday, 28 October 2007



Oh, Cathy - you make me huuuuunnnnggggrrryyy. I want the brie and the crepes and the sausages and the hummus and the seafood in a martini glass and the crab dip and,...well,...I want it all! *Drool*


Hi Cathy,

I have not made it there for the Saturday brunch, but did get a chance to enjoy the Sunday brunch a couple of times. What surprised me was the extensive lay-out and food quality. There was food everywhere and many of the dishes were quite tasty.

BTW, I will become the biggest “Blue” fan at the end of the year when they beat the snot out of that “O” team!


Talk about munchies!


Hope you and the hubby are staying safe. At least the weather is starting to help us out.


wow! i've never been there to eat food (just drink in my college years haha) and it actually looks good !

Brian Bautista

I hear ya clayfu! I was always there every Thursday night for their college night specials and always wondered how good their food was! I've gotta try it sometime during the weekend and during the day :).


Jenn! Are you living vicariously through my posts again??? Glad you liked the photos.
Hey, Jim! The food here is great and I understand the Sunday Brunches are more elaborate. Maybe when it isn't football season we will stop by...two days in a row at the beach is a lot away from home... and...There is only one game a year that really matters you know...
Hi, Bill-yes...just sandwiches, tacos or biurgers for us...oh. Beer too.
Thanks, CP. We seem to be OK for this round of fires. Last time was scary for us, but since it wasn't on tv 24/7, I guess when I told people, they didn't really understand.
Hi Clayfu- yes, the food is excellent and so are the beer and other drink specials.
Hello, Brian-Really, stop by on a Saturday...just be prepared for some noise in the adjoining room...the food is really really good. Actually, if you check the website, every day has some kind of special going on...

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