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Sunday, 14 October 2007



Hi Cathy!
I do applaud Kirk and the Missus for their bravery when it comes to food. I try to not shy away from any offering of food, as long as it follows my golden rule: my food can't be looking at me when I eat it! Lol.

Anyways, I love your picture of the chirashi, the colors on its own makes me want to eat it up! However, my last few visits to Mr. Wasabi (approx. 6-8 mo. ago) were disappointing to say the least. I found their sushi to be not fresh at all. Maybe they've gotten their act back together so that it would warrant for another trip back!


Hey Cathy! I still remember eating at Mr. Wasabi during their grand opening week years ago when we still lived in the area. I think Mr. Wasabi has been pretty consistent thru-out the years and we still go every so often, especially after the change in ownership of Maiki on Carroll Canyon and not called Todo, not to be confused with Todai sushi buffet - ick). We don't care for the sushi or the service at Todo. Mr. Wasabi is way better!


Wow looks great!


Hi Cathy - For the record, it's fermented spit, and roasted rodents... ;o) LOL! I've passed this place many times too, and have always wondered how the food was.


Hi again, May! Yes, the sushi was very fresh; everything was very fresh and great tasting and I will go back. Maybe lunch. Maybe soon.
Hi Carol- Mr. Wasabi is still in the same place after all that time, which says a lot, especially in that part of town. Thanks for the heads up on Todo. There are so many places to try...Sadly, we used to like Todai, back when we did not know better. I could still go there and pick out the better stuff, if I had to, I think.
Hey, Bill- Another one of our hidden gems.
Oh, OK, Kirk. Sorry about missing the qualifying "fermented" know me and details. I was more fascinated with the photos of the cooked rodents and imagined the skin being crispy crackly because of frying. Mr. Wasabi was very nice. I guess it has been there that long for a reason.


Cathy, I'm not sure why, but I only comment on your posts! Maybe it's because you always eat at places that are close to my work/home...

We finally tried Mr. Wasabi a few weeks ago ,after driving by it for almost 5 years. It was hard to access their parking lot, but we enjoyed everything except where we were seated--by the restroom area.

Regarding Todai--I went a couple of times with co-workers, but I definitely like Onami better if I have to go to a sushi buffet.

ed (from Yuma)

Ah, chirashi. I love chirashi - that's usually how I would evaluate a new sushi restaurant. You get to sample a range of fish, test the artistic skill of the chef, and not spend too much money.

Nice post.


I too drive by Mr. Wasabi all the time, but I haven't been there in awhile. I'll definitely order the calamari salad next time.

Regarding the Japanese restaurant on Carroll Canyon Road - is that now called Todo? It used to be called Meiki (not Maiki), and I understand that the owners of Meiki now run Sushi USA on Rancho Penasquitos Blvd.


Hi Sandy, thanks for the correction on Meiki and the info on Sushi USA. Might give that a try. The sushi at Todo is okay but not the best and the service was just horrible. Maybe it's gotten better since we've been there??


Hi, PGS- I just checked and you have only commented to me (from different computers; I have all sorts of powers). But, you commented on places in Mira Mesa and El Cajon and downtown and Clairmont, so it sounds like you drive around a lot like I do...and I just happen to drive around a little more than Kirk does, but he blogs some really neat places, too. Perhaps it is my witty reparte that you find interesting...oh,nevermind. The Mister and I do just drive, stop and eat. Kirk has allowed me to blog it for everyone in the world to read. It works.

Hey, ed. Thanks. I never thought of chirashi as being my "basic" test dish for Japanese, but it seems to be lately.

Sandy, hi - You know this place too. That is so cool. Do try the calamari salad. It is an appetizer and meal in one. I need to drive more north and stop; I do go to Valley Center and Escondido fairly regularly, but rarely stop in between.

Hi again, Carol. Continue your conversation.


I haven't been to Todo, although I was just at Mo's Island Grindz for a loco moco (thanks for the tip, Kirk!).

We were at Sushi USA a couple of months ago. I'd say their sushi quality is better than Mr. Wasabi's. They get bonus points for serving the sushi with nicely-presented fruit. Unfortunately, most people I know that have been there got turned off by the slow service. It has gotten better, but I remember when they first opened - they had *one* person working in the dining room.

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