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Saturday, 06 October 2007



that's a fabulous homestyle restaurant, and brings back memories. Desert and beverage included style. Choice of breads, though, is new to me! 4 pieces of chicken on the same plate?


Hi, Ron. Yes, the 4 piece meal is a real bargain during the week. They have a 2 and 3 piece chicken meal choice without beverage/dessert available, but I have never turned down broasted chicken, ever...I always enjoy bread in whatever form it comes in, and fresh made here is a delight. The only thing I really don't like is their regular coffee, although they did get an espresso machine a few years ago.


I still haven't had broasted chicken. I need to find a place around here. Looks and sounds awesome.


I always liked Jimmy's. This is a little bit of 'Old' San Diego. When we used to have a small community feel.

We had three in the South Bay. That's been reduced to one, now.

The one closest to me closed after nearly 30 years to be replaced by a pancakes house.

The broasted chicken looks good! I remember them having that when we'd go to Jimmy's as a kid. I'd always end up with something like roast pork or something (quite good that was!)

Jimmy's was really a breakfast joint for us. We'd go and I'd have probably the best Mexican Breakfast in town! The Machaca Omelet was out of this world!

I don't know if they ever had this outside of South Bay, but if the one in Santee still cooks it, you and your Mister might want to try one morning, Cathy.

Good Deal! Another great post and strangely complementary to Kirk's amazing Peru footage. Kind of a touch on Home Base after the long journey!



Hi, Bill- I will try to research some places in your county soon, looking for broasters.

Hi, again, Bri-We do go here sometimes for breakfast, but the coffee factor is a sticking point for me...and almost every breakfast place. However, I love the food. I almost always get machaca at 'my' Jimmy's, too. Yes, the roast pork 'sandwich' is sometimes a craving, as is the hot turkey sandwich. This just happened to be the salad and broasted chicken craving day. Glad to bring back some memories for you. Thanks for the nice comments.


Mmmm...liver & onions is a childhood favorite of mine. My husband can't believe anyone would order it, but I love it with a little shake of hot sauce!


Hi, MJ- yes Liver and onions sometimes, after those initial bites, sometimes can use some kind of spicing up. I usually just use pepper, but everyplace has hot sauce, so I will try that next time. The Mister will get liver with bacon but never onions. It's so sad...


Hi Cathy,

My wife and I returned to Jimmy's last Saturday night after having not been there for years.

The photo you posted of the 4 piece broasted chicken dinner drew me to the place. What I got didn't match the picture: the chicken pieces I was served were skinny, dried out and greasy. Must have been a bad night for the broastmaster.

On the other hand, my wife shared tastes of her beef vegetable soup and twice-baked potato with me, and we agreed that both were among the best versions of those things that we'd ever eaten.

I'm interested now in trying the homemade beef stew; I imagine it's rich and delicious, with lots of beef and vegetable chunks in it, and those dinner rolls will be tasty tools for sopping up the gravy.

Thanks for the reminder about this place!



Hey, Omar...The Mister has commented that they seem to be using baby chickens lately, but the broaster-ing has always been done correctly. I'm sorry you hit a bad batch. I am, however, glad that at least part of your meal was really good. They do seem to know what they are doing. Jimmy's has always been a really neat, homespun place.

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