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Thursday, 18 October 2007



Wholly cow - we share something in common. ;-) Gorging to the MAX!


AHH!! I am from the San Mateo area but down in San Diego for school. Himawari is unfortunately complete crap compared to Santa Ramen which is also located in San Mateo. Highly HIGHLY recommend Santa's but be prepare to wait in line, even if you show up 30 minutes before the little ramen shop even opens. Here is some more information about it, if you're in the area, you should definitely check them out. Also, show up early and you can get the pork stew ramen!! They always run out.


WOW Joanne, 397 reviews of one ramen place! Folks must be bored up there…do you have TV or is everyone in town a food critic?

Vicky, thanks for the insight on Himawari.


We have TV, we just have better things to do like go out and eat and THEN come home and review it... HAHAA it's not people from Northern California live on a separate planet. Although, I have to ask, how is TV relevant?

Yelp is just really big in the Bay Area - you'll find restaurants in San Francisco and Berkeley with more than 500 reviews each and for a region of about 7 million (source: Wikipedia), 500 reviews sound pretty reasonable. But trust me, when a place has that many reviews and such a high rating, it is bound to be amazing, hence the beauty of YELP.


nhbilly - Yay for fellow gluttons!

Jim - Hahahaha... Yelp's just really big up here although its not the most accurate up here. I've been lucky with Yelp in SD... Up here it seems like the reviews are totally overrated. (And yes... we have TVs up here... just that there are so many great places to eat at and so many great things to do that we don't have time to watch tv... Although SD is just as equally gorgeous...)

Joanne - Maybe I was just unlucky, but the last two times I was at Santa, a lot of us got really sick so we actually have an aversion to that place. Probably since they use gallons of MSG to make their food taste good. I personally think Santa is overrated. I'm not fond of their non-fresh noodles either. Himawari can be hit and miss, but I've only had one miss in the times I've been there. And I don't find Yelp to be completely accurate. I've been to a handful of places with extremely high ratings and they all turned out to be mediocre. Which leads me to be a sad yelper up here.

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