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Monday, 29 October 2007



I'm so hungry now. I'm surprise a casino restaurant is worthy of a review.


Actually all of the larger casinos in San Diego County have some excellent quality foods on the buffet and especially in their more expensive Steak Houses, Bill. I have been to some casinos with average or less than average foods, but I do think Valley View is the best as far as buffets go...and the steak house is even better.


I love your blog! ! ! ! I have been looking for food blogs to keep up with. So awesome. I try to write and shoot for my own, but you're blowing me away with your posts. I can't wait to catch up to your archives. :) Thanks for sharing!!


Glad to see this post on Valley View. I'd love try the steak house one day, but till then, I'll have to stay satisfied with their buffet! I'm always surprised by the number of folks who turn up their noses at the mention of the word buffet. I believe there are some really great buffets out here -- my personal all time favorite is the Bellagio in Vegas. As far as Indian casino's go, Valley View definitely stands a part from the rest. The only other that comes close might be the buffet at Pala casino. Great post!


Hello, and welcome, Jenny! Thanks so much for the nice words...there are about 2.5 years of archives, but they are all there. You can always email with questions. I like your blog.

Thanks for your compliments, Keoki. I did blog about the buffet at Wynn when I went to Vegas for the NFR last year...and last month mentioned that even Hometown Buffet is one of my "dirty little secrets"...I do think that you can find something good at each buffet, but the quality and consistency of *everything* at Valley View makes it stand far above the rest. Gotta check out Pala now...


thanks for letting us know of another good steakhouse..... valleyview is far for me, but can you let us know how much for a steak dinner?... if you don't mind, how much the tab for the fabulous spread you had was?..... thinking of bringing my parents there for their anniversary, but want to see if its worth the drive since its so far, or just go to ruth's chris or donovans which is closer.... thanks in advance


Hi Joey- I sent you two emails to the address you put in when you wrote the comment. I usually do put in prices, but in case Cindy reads this, I don't want her to know...It was worth it and if you look at my posts, you know I kind of go everywhere (just not to, like, Peru) and eat and blog about it. Valley View is worth the drive. Really.


whoa looks like a great meal! the onion rings, the spinach, my gawd the butter, the dessert, sigh...


Oh, yes, FH. This was a great, great meal. I just wanted more sides than regular main courses once I saw the menu...they all looked so good. I do have plans for next time, already...and I am going to do butter that way at home from now on.

indiana casinos

It's the best around


Yes it is, IC. I had forgotten about this great meal. Thanks for reminding me. I think I need to drive North soon...

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