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Monday, 24 September 2007



Hey Cathy,
I hope Kirk wasn't vacating near Lake Titicaca in Peru, that "mystery illness" was solved:


Miss. Temp...."pulled pork"....what's that??


Hi Trent. I think Kirk is indeed a pod person, but not to worry; he gave me his password for the blog... heh heh...

Ron- pulled is usually from the shoulder and cooked so long that it does not have to be sliced, just pulled from the bone. Very tender. I guess it is more of a southern continental US thing. Sorry to not explain. I may edit the post. I crave pulled pork sandwiches- piled high on a large burger bun, some BBQ sauce and cole slaw and all ready to eat.


Yum and what a deal. Not easy to find yummy smoke BBQ here in OC for a reasonable price.


The two pound dinner is $29 and comes with 4 sides, Bill, but I don't know if they use a different box. The Mister and I can eat a lot, but even we had leftovers from this meal...and made carnitas over the weekend.

P.S. Kirk is alive!


Cathy, thanks for the post. Now that Phil's has moved way the heck and gone to Pt. Loma, I'm gonna give this a try. Its not close to North Park, but I'm in La Mesa frequently and will have to try it. If the BBQ beef is as good as that pork, I'll be a happy camper.


Thanks, Stephen. Happy to do the post. Did not want to mention any other places, but I do think this one is good and in a way better than Phil's. We used to go to Bekker's long ago when it was the only place in town, at least to us in East County. I wasn't thrilled with the bread is the worst I can say about it. none of us does BBQ for the bread aspect, do we?


thank you Cathy for the great post on this place. I have driven by it a few times and now I have to make a date to get in there after reading your post.

yummeee looking stuff.....


You just have to go for it- everywhere for food, Michael. I am not afraid to try anything (and document it fairly anonymously here online) or just stop when I see a sign about food (A long time ago in National City, I saw a sign that said "Max's, The House That Fried Chicken Built" on the side of a building. I never had popped a U in the middle of the street before, but I did that time and loved it there). I did know that thsee were the old Bekker's people though and was eagar to try it again. I suppose a salad would make a healthier meal, but beans and slaw are what I like, especially since we were eating at home...

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