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Saturday, 15 September 2007


Jim Gottlieb

I tried the one in Mission Valley recently and was very underwhelmed. I ordered a roll, and it came with only microscopic pieces of fish and the nori was soggy. I vowed not to return.


Hi, Jim- I understand why. We only got 4 pieces of a roll back in February and it did not impress either of us, as I recall. This time, we were looking for food and it was not badly cooked nor a small serving. I am going to add a sentence to the blog now. Thanks for taking the time to comment and jog my memory.


Hey Cathy, that sushi place is right next to my hairstylist's salon. Kim's a really sweet lady. You should try her sometime. Back to Sushi Hut, I tested the waters with a california roll once but wasn't that impressed so I haven't gone back since.


How do you know about my hair, Poppy? (It does happen to have some "Chilled Plum" color in in it right now...and is a running joke with some people).
I know, Sushi Hut's sushi is not great...they should not have named it so that people would not try the sushi and be disappointed. The other stuff is OK though.

Don Juan

I eat Sushi Hut in Clairemont Mesa and Mira Mesa several times a week. I usually get the LAVA ROLL, Crunchy soft shell crab inside and soft seafood mix on top with their special sauce. I believe The Mission Valley Store and the others have different owners/management. So I have had no complaints the past 3 years from eating in the Sushi Hut in Clairemont Mesa Blvd and Mira Mesa Blvd. Best value for my money.


Hello and welcome, DJ. I appreciate your recommendation and now realize that all the complaints about SH, including my own, are based on the Mission Valley location. The food at the Clairmont Mesa location was good and better than we remembered compared to MV. Thanks.

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