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Sunday, 16 September 2007



Sam Woo is in every city I go! Just this weekend I spotted one in Las Vegas next to...yep you guessed it: 99 Ranch Supermarket.


That's funny how people have to run next door to get the fried doughnut for the porridge. Not to mention wife is going to make chicken porridge tomorrow. YUMMY.


Hi Roger- Yes, I suppose I should have also cateorized this as a Chain...I have to check out that whole area of Vegas the next time I drive there. I do try to hit 99Ranch at every location.
Good morning Bill- The porridge here is good. For $3.20, even easier. I guess it is too much trouble to calculate how many donuts to make, so it works out for both places to only have the donuts in one spot. The "donut run" is amusing to watch while waiting for caffiene to kick in. I am amazed at how well the timing works out.


Thanks, I've never gone for breakfast, but this looks good! I love rice porridge. Yum! Thanks for blogging about it.


Oh, I love the breakfasts here, Caroline. For the price, you should at least try it, but don't forget to get a donut at 99... The coffee alone is worth it for me...that plus salty = mmm!!!


I love eating breakfast at Sam Woo. I love wonton noodle soup with no noodles ( I just pass it on to my guy). If you are ever in the Bay Area you must check out Hing Lung on the edge of Chinatown in SF bordering North Beach. They make their own sweet and savory doughnuts (piping hot... quite a hit even with people just passing by and wanting a snack), there's many varieties of porridge and they also make several varieties of steamed rolled noddles. Just thinking about it makes me want to visit home.


Hi Liz- Thanks for the tip. Everyone seems surprised I have never been that far North, but I am sure I will be going someday soon, for work if nothing else. I love the salty breakfasts at Sam Woo. We try to go early, before there is a line to get in...


The other day I had to stop by one of the office behind 99 Ranch and my car PRNLD won't go to reverse. I was stuck there for a while and thought about your post so while waiting for my sister to come for rescue, I went to eat at Sam Woo. I got the sea cucumber hot pot and it was great. I haven't had that for a while. After that I got the coffee boba from the same place as well....mmmyum Cathy, if you like coffee like me (I make one for myself almost everyday) I'll send you a recipe for Vietnamese coffee.


Um, I live for coffee, YY. If I do Vietnamese coffee, it is usually just the drip stuff and sweetened condensed milk... hot and sometomes cold. I am glad you got to try the sea cucumber soup. I like that I leave subliminal messages for people and they do try places. Lots of comments have been about how people would not have tried or wanted to try places but because of the blog, they did. That is just so neat to know that we have an influence...about food.

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