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Monday, 10 September 2007



perhaps, someday a sign saying "Saigon Subs," instead of the more typical "Banh Mi" is in store.


If only there was a place selling banh mi with at least half an inch of meat...even a quarter inch will do!

Ever find a place like that Kirk? I've looked high and low in Orange County. Still nothing.


How about a new Banh Mi place called "Duc Fat's"

Home of the mile high Banh Mi sandwich. They charge more but you get a generous helping of meats etc.

Green Turtle

It is terrible how much inflation has occurred in the last couple of years... I'm sure higher gas prices and the min wage increase have alot to do with these sandwiches going over the $3 mark. It was not long ago when they were only like a little over $2 each, much like a carne asada burrito being around $3 back then is over $4 today. So how do these sandwiches compare to K in Linda Vista?


Heh. I just suck it up and eat all of them Cap'n Jack style. 'Course, I need to lose some weight...

Behgo Behgo

I've never had vietnamese sandwiches before, but I find them to look incredibly yummy - what sandwich do you think I should order as a first timer? - they all look good to me :)


Not a bad looking sandwich, atleast it comes with a slice of cucumber - cheapo Lee's can't even keep it on there sandwich while raising up the price. SAD :-(


Hi RONW - LOL! Maybe so.....

Hi Roger - Want to take a trip to NYC for the $12 Banh Mi?

Hi Dan - I dunno, I think too much meat will mess up the proportion.

Hi GT - How are you? Long time no hear.... I think of K Sandwich the same as Lee's...very accessable, cheap, and consistant. Sort of like Micky D's, huh?

Hi CP - oooh CP and CJ, buffets everywhere beware!

Hi Behgo Behgo - I dunno, I usually recommend something simple like BBq Pork...but for you, if you don't mind pate, I'd go with the Dac Biet (special)....

Hi Billy - that is a bummer....

ed (from Yuma)

Those look good. But life sure isn't fair. Over there in SD, you've got dozens of banh mi shops - out here in the desert we ain't got none. :-(


Hi Ed - Considering the slightly changing demographic in your area....I think it just may be a matter of time. What I can't figure out after visiting is why there is no Filipino Market, or even a turo-turo place!


I remember walking to this shop every afternoon after class from Wilson Middle School. Then starting my high school years I go to Dore for banh mi. Beside my Mom's spring rolls, this lady makes pretty good spring rolls as well. Haven't been back for so long, I wonder if she still remember this little kid =)


Hi YY - She just might! Lots of regular customers. BTW, how do you like Cafe Dore next door? They look like they've expanded their menu.


I like their Banh Mi, but beside that I haven't got anything else from them. I think they have Bo Kho too. I only togo Banh Mi from that place, my favorite Banh Mi in town, I don't eat there because their customers smoke a lot and the loud Vietnamese 9x generation pop music. My Dad goes there every morning for coffee though. It's his favorite coffee shop.

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