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Thursday, 27 September 2007



My fiancee's mother likes this place and it's decent, cheap and the servers are friendly. Seems that consistently good Chinese is tough to find in SD. Shrug.


It was very difficult for me to write this post, bgdc, because I was thinking that we must have hit a bad bunch of food or ordered completely wrong or something. All of the foot traffic could not be regulars who continued to put up with bad food. I do try to blog about places we have been to more than once, so I can know about a consistency or irregularity and we do intend to go back and try different parts of the menu. It was the culmination of a very long day and I was kind of doing a lazy post. Thank you for commenting and letting me know that you are one of the people who does like the food here.


Hey, I said decent. Like is a strong word. My mother-in-law-to-be likes it because the food is consistent and they don't use MSG. I'm not a big fan but the shrimp with lobster sauce gets the job done. If given the option, I'd rather run to the now gone Jamillalah (sp? too lazy to look) Garden or even Jasmine. Jasmine may be pricey but for Chinese it's solid.


oooh. Decent. Like. OK, bgdc. I get it. The no MSG part may be a part of the flavor thing. Jamillah used to be a nice place to go and Jasmine is good too. We have blogged about so many Chinese restaurants on this blog (Since Kirk's Missus is from China and all) with descriptions of the various styles of Chinese food that it is difficult to pick a favorite. I like telling new people to try Golden City (SE corner of 163 and Clairmont Mesa)after 9 p.m., when the lunch menu prices are put back on the menu, for 'basic', less expensive Chinese food.

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