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Sunday, 30 September 2007



SUPER WELCOME BACK!!! :) I remember you commenting on my blog a while back that you were thinking about a trip to Peru...and now you did it, hooray! :)


Oh, that flight sounded pretty brutal! I hope you're catching up on your sleep.

The Tiradito en Crema de Rocoto looks intriguing. I wonder if Latin Chef could be persuaded to put it on the menu...


Welcome home o wayward king of the food bloggers! I just ate, and I'm full, but your pictures are already making me hungry for Peruvian. Kudos on using a restaurant as a condition for your choice of hotel...a true food lover's move!


Welcome back!! What interesting food, I have never seen these dishes before. I can't wait to try some (have added it to my list of things to eat before I expire) hahaha!


Hi Kathy - Peru was amazing....we can't wait to return!

Hi Howie - That tiradito was excellent, great texture, wonderful flavor.

Hi Elmo - The Missus always has to look out for my hunger influenced decisions....

Hi Hannah - I hope you get to try all of this and more.....


I'm so jealous. Machu Pichu looks friggin' awesome. And the food quite tempting!

Nice to have you guys back :D



I'm glad to see that you ate well while in Peru. It's been many, many years since I was there. I wish I could go back, but South America is too far from Hawaii!

Wandering Chopsticks

Welcome back Kirk! I can't believe those pictures of Machu Picchu. That's always been on my list of places to go one day. Can't wait to see what else you post about. I say, just post whatever and whenever you feel like. I don't want you burned out on Peru posts!


I have lived a very shelter food life because I don't think I've ever had Peruvian food before. The Mister looked over my shoulder when I was reading the post and said, "What is that?!?" He meant the Tiradito en Crema de Rocoto. He asked, "that's not a new place and dish you want to try next, is it?" I told him not unless he wants to take me to Lima, hehe. I would love to try that Pisco Sour and Arroz con Mariscos. Looks yummy!


Hi Roger - Thanks! We miss Peru already......

Hi Reid - We have tons of stories....but we'll spare you most of them.

Hi WC - We'll try to mix it up a bit....

Hi Carol - You can get tiradito, albiet not this version at Latin Chef. I think you'll enjoy Lomo Saltado.


Alejandro is the man!

You know, I've found most Peruvian cebishes to be too sour for my taste. I usually go for the milder tiraditos.


Hi CP - I love both....cebiches have a wonderful refreshing flavor, and you'd be surprised at how spicy a tiradito can be! As a whole tiraditos are much "richer".


getting a hotel because it's next to a restaurant you wanted to try??? a sign of a true food lover!!! i'm just starting to read thru your peru posts, can't wait to read the rest!


wow, such intriguing sounding dishes! I haven't ever had peruvian food and now I'm going to check out Alejandro's blog... The pictures are all so great too. Sounds like you guys had quite an adventure!


Hi Pam - some people would call this an illness..... ;o)

Hi Sandy - Peru is a wonderful, and diverse country, and the variety of food reflects this! We truly love Peru.


Welcome back!!!! Sorry I've been lapse, but can't wait to catch up on your posts right now!

mmmm, Pisco Sours are goooooood.


Hi Melissa - Hope you're doing well. Thanks again for all the info you provided for us!

Account Deleted

Peru, Lima and Miraflores are the excellent place to go for a holiday with family. These places are a great combination of food, history, culture, and adventurous site. More power to your blog!

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