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Friday, 07 September 2007



Thanks for the trip back to Memory Lane. When I was working at Horton Plaza from 1987-1989, the Nordstrom Cafe was my favorite place to be on my breaks. I'd get my usual cup of Earl Grey tea, go outside and read the paper, and watch as many of the buildings near Seaport Village were being built. I left SD in 1993, after graduating from State, so I never did get to see what that whole area became... but I digress. I'm glad to see some things never change... the staff at Nordstrom Cafe (and the carts outside the store entryways) were always terrific folks, and the food always fresh and tasty.

Great blog, BTW. The more I read of it, the more I'm tempted to go back to San Diego. lol


Nordstrom Cafe is one of my favorites! I can't recall ever having something bad there. They do such a good, solid job of American cafe food with super-friendly service. Glad to see it getting kudos! :)


The Mister and I love tomato soup and that tomato basil soup looks delicious with the *large* croutons. Not that I go to the mal much anymore but I'll have to try it for lunch since I work very close to UTC. A combo with the blue cheese pear salad and roast beef parmesian ciabata sounds really good!


Welcome, Nikki! Thanks for the nice words. I am so glad I could bring back some good memories for you. It is why I like to blog. The area is very changed now and a bit safer than it used to be, but also much more traffic than in 1993. Life goes on...
Hi, Liz- It is wonderful and perfect in its simple menu...
Hey, Carol- Each location may have a few different things on the menu. We didn't have a choice of salad, just the dressing... and the sandwich choices were limited also. But you and your Mister could just get a full one of each and share it..along with a bowl of soup, of course. But really, I can make a meal of a bowl of soup and cup of coffee. Everything is good here. I didn't even mention the desserts...

Alice Q. Foodie

Just an FYI - for whatever reason, they no longer have an in-store restaurant at UTC. They have a quick service place outside with some pre-packed sandwiches and salads, which also serves as the coffee bar, but I don't think they serve the soup. Fashion Valley is the biggest one - and Horton is kind of a secret, since it's up on the top floor - they also have a little patio with a nice view. I always like to get the cup of soup, and you can get half of any salad they make, or half of any sandwich, but they don't advertise it. They also have a great creme brulee!


Thanks for the head's up, Alice. Now that I think about it, I have been going to Wired for my soup fix when ever up there and haven't been to the Nordstrom Cafe at UTC in about a year...I know the Cafe at North County Fair is open though. Sorry, Carol :(


Thanks, Alice and Cathy. I'll keep those in mind when I'm in those areas. I'll have to find a reason to pop down to Horton. Maybe some early Christmas shopping?? ;-)

Steamy Kitchen

Mom used to take us kids to Nordstrom Cafe for lunch all the time. It was fancy and nice - yet it was in a mall so if we rugrats were rowdy, loud and farted in public she wasn't that embarrased.


Well, my Annual Tomato Soup phase is getting close--so the timing is perfect.

I'm just curious though, how do you know what it's like to bite into eyeballs?


Hi again Carol-Well, Costco has Christmas decor and food gift items out already, so I would imagine you can at least find something that would be a gift somewhere in that mall. You do have to buy something to get validated parking...
Hi, SK- GLad to bring back some memories for share...with all of us. :*)
Hi PGS- Glad to help out with those to the second question: Let's just say a Double Dog Dare was involved, as well as cash, in a Chinese restaurant with a whole fish. I am so glad you read every word I write. :)


was that record heat hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk? And if so, what's the best cooking oil to use for the occassion?


Heh heh heh, your comments always make me smile, Ron. It was indeed so hot that when I took a basket of wet clothes out to hang on the line, and was outside for 5 or fewer minutes, the whole basket was bone dry, without having to hang anything on the line. A small, scary miracle. I would however, merely fry an egg on a teflon pan an bet it would have worked any of those days. I use butter for that sort of thing...


I want to purchase an entire carrot cake does anyone know where nordstroms purchases their deserts from? They are to die for .


I was visiting San Diego in April and my son took me to Nordstrom's Cafe to try the soup. It was awesome! I can't wait to see if they have it here in Honolulu.


I am so glad your son brought you here, Trish. The whole concept of restaurant inside the store is the best idea ever. A holdover from the 50's and 60's. I see many stores trying to (sort of) emulate it, again. Welcome to the commenting side of the blog.

Betty Dunn

I hadn't been to Nordstrom's Cafe in quite a while but today while shopping at North County Fair Mall, I decided to go. The food was truly wonderful just like everything else at Nordstroms. But the BEST part of dinner was the Pear Almond Bar!! I'd sure like the receipe for that. If anyone knows where they get it, let me know. It's fabulous. While the Cafe is inside the mall, it's fun to sit at a table facing the door and look into the different departments and make plans to cruise it after eating. A terrific day.


I'll ask around, Betty. I think I know what I'd like to do for lunch today. Welcome to our blog.

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