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Wednesday, 12 September 2007



awe Kirk, there must be a satelite in the skies above your file in intermittent entries??


I am guessing Peru is your destination. Have a great trip.


Have a great vacation, Kirk! Take it easy on those hamsters :-)


I think Beach is right about Peru (based on teh nuevo soles).

Have a wonderful trip, Kirk! We'll try to keep Cathy on her toes while you're gone (heehee).

Christine D.

Have nice and safe trip!! I hope that you can visit some cool ruins (and try some of those guinea pigs, hehe).


Everything that needs to be deep fried. Do it with lard - it taste so so so so so gooooood. To bad in the states it ain't all natural. When I was in Mexico the lard was straight off the pig. Oh have a safe trip.

See righthand column for-
Websites: Restaurants in Lima.
Some good-sounding spots!


Hi RONW - We decided not to lug the PC around on this you'll just have to wait.

Hi Beach - As always you are right on.

Hi Howie - Hamsters? mean Cuy (Guinea Pig), right?

Hi Carol - I'm glad I can depend on you to keep Cathy on her toes! ;o)

Hi Christine - We fully intend on having some Cuy...and maybe an Alpaca steak or two.

Hi Billy - I think the Missus would draw the line on that magical four lettered flavor enhancer!

Hi Trent - You didn't happen to notice that I added Peru Food to my 'Food Blogs From Around the World' sidebar back in May? Alejandro has been kind enough to provide some good info for me!


i hope you take pictures up the wazu!

Also i believe wine from Chile/Argentina are significantly cheaper in Southern America than purchasing there. GREAT stuff.


Have fun on your vacation! Can you pick me up a llama? Thanks!


I did notice the Peru Food Blog addition, that's why I'm so jealous! Seriously, have a great time, and I can't wait for the updates.


Bon voyage! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back.


Wishing you a safe trip and lots of good eating! Just got back from Portland so we'll have to catch up and swap food stories!

Eduardo Y.

Awesome! Hope you enjoy the wonderful historical and cultural monuments! The trek to Macchu Picchu summit is quite a workout but well worth it. Drink plenty of water.

Don't forget to the food pics for us folks!


Heh. You really like loco moco don't you? I saw your series on Hawaiian plate lunches.

Have a great trip! As Eduardo suggested above, we'll all eagerly wait for your entries on the local food. :D

Gypsy Jan

Hey Kirk,

Here's wishing you and the Missus a great trip to Peru, if I am guessing the destination correctly.

I would like to ask for your input to guide a novice with ordering a Szechuan meal (Ba Ren is my most likely destination).

I have no fear of spicy peppercorns or variety ingredients (he he,innards), I would just like to get some advice on how to navigate the menu.

I have read your many posts, but I am a little confused about how to order a meal for myself and the hubby and guests who are interested in experiencing the cuisine.

Gypsy Jan


Have fun! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Wandering Chopsticks

Wow! I'm so jealous! Have a safe and fun trip. I can't wait to hear about guinea pig and whatever other eats you've got!

ed (from Yuma)

Have a safe and flavorful trip. And hi to the missus.

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