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Friday, 28 September 2007



omg kirk--i am soooo jealous--how cool that you went to peru!!! it's def. one of my must-go-to-before-i-die places. can't wait to read your posts on it! =)


I'm sooooo enveeeeusss!! Macchu Picchu and Guinea pigs?.....The stomach of my mind can't wait to eat vicariously through your words.........Welcome back!



Welcome back. Can't wait to see the food pictures...Mmmmm...and hear the details.


Hey, Kirk, welcome back! Wow, looks like you've got lots of great stuff to share. I would love to hear and see everything since I doubt I'd ever get down to Peru. But also, IMHO, I find I appreciate the food more when I know more about the country and its people. Just make it all that more interesting.

Now that you're back, are you going to give Cathy a well deserved rest? ;-)


Welcome back, Kirk! I've been wanting to go to Machu Picchu for years. Hiking up there seems like a good way to burn off those calories from those very enticing meals.

Captain Jack

Welcome home Kirk!
I for one want to hear it all! In honor of your first Peruvian post, I will have dinner tonight at Latin Chef. I must admit I was planning on going anyway, but now I have the perfect excuse.


So, you flew all the way to Peru and you had Chicken noodle soup eh? =P

i say post it all in chronological order! or.. save the best for last !


Welcome back and I look forward to the posts on your trip. Thanks for posting some photos as a preview!

At first, I thought Pescados Capitales was a Peruvian Chinese restaurant. Then I realized that what I mistook for Chinese characters was really ocean icons!

So were there any foods from home that you were craving while on your trip?


I vote for all the details! Welcome back, we missed your posts.


Welcome back!!! The guinea pig looks good. I just saw that on Food Channel the other day. When I was little, my Dad used to make bbq rice field rat for me. The name doesn't sound good, but it was tastier than chicken.


welcome back kirk! looking forward to reading your posts on peru!

can't wait to hear your take on 'cuy'.



It seems like you had a nice time and have many stories to tell. I am really anxious to hear all about it.


Welcome home Kirk! I'm up for the chronological full tour, so long as you don't mind. I'll be happy whatever you do though. Your pics have whetted my appetite!


I would love to hear all the details!


hey Kirk.


hi kirk! welcome back ... great photos to pique our interest! I think I would prefer the trip chronologically ... don't want to miss out on anything! :D

ed (from Yuma)

Oh man, I'd like to read and see it all. Great pics already.


mmmmmmhh Cuy. Imagine the most tender suckling pig...but this is more tender and sweet. The skin is so light and crisp. I think I spent more money on that dish than I did on my hotel in Banos, Ecuador.


Welcome back Kirk.....can't wait to hear about it!


Hi Pam - It was a fantastic trip....

Hi Michael - Thanks! I'll do my best.

Hi Rob - Stay tuned...I've got a ton of posts.

Hi Carol - Yes, Cathy's done a fantastic job as always...and she can (hopefully) get some rest, and catch up on her imprtant projects.

Hi Howie - Compared to Pisac and Ollantaytambo, Macchu Picchu was a piece of cake. MP is at a lower elevation than Cusco, so the altitude had less of an effect on me. Everyone should see Macchu Picchu at least once.

Hi CJ - I hope it was a good one!

Hi Clayfu - Man, that was one fantastic bowl of Sopa de Pollo. It was also consumed in a very interesting location!

Hi Sandy - I thought so as well, when we got out of the cab. Pescados Capitales is owned by a Peruvian Chinese it would make sense. Actually, I'm really somewhat depressed right now....I'm missing all the wonderful food we had in Peru.

Hi Kris - Thanks so much. I hope I'll be able to do justice to is a wonderful country.

Hi YY - Cuy when prepared well, is fantastic.

Hi Reynila - I'll do my best.....

Hi Reid - Yes, so much stuff, it's hard to figure out where to start.

Hi Amy - Great idea, I think I'll do it that way.

Hi Mina - Stay tuned....lots of Peru coming up.

Hi RONW - ;o)

Hi Rachel - Nice to hear from you! Hope all is well.

Hi Ed - You should see some of the great stuff we ate!

Hi n8 - I think of the combination of taste and texture to be like a cross between suckling pig and tender duck....all dark meat. We ate Cuy 3 times in Peru.

Hi Jack - I'll get started ASAP. Nice to hear from you!

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