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Thursday, 20 September 2007



will you two stop posting pictures of good food? it makes dieting impossible. :) i'm thinking of all kinds of excuses to "pass thru Santee." Maybe go to GTM, or take the long way to Barona. I leaning towards the latter.


Um, it is a FOOD blog, Toisan... and you know I have photographed some bad stuff as well as icky (see yesterday's post with the Bugles and Asahi). There are lots of reasons to stop and stay in Santee. Yes, GTM is definitely one (have you signed up for their weekly email of specials and coupons?) and, I didn't know there were any other ways to get to Barona -I can do it without getting onto 67 at all- :) Really, Barona and that All You Can Eat Buffet... bad for the diet...Da, Scootz, the plethora of taco shops, Costco, WalMart, Home Depot, two stand alone Starbucks plus the one in Vons, Target, Pier One, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy- we have it all! Shop, stay and eat, then you can go back home.


Another great post Cathy! We are going to Palm Springs this weekend and I hear there is a new Hawaiian eatery down there. stay tuned. Hope Kirk doesn't come back a pod person after that meteor hit Peru.


Hello and thanks, Michael. Looks like Kirk/his pod is OK since he commented between when you wrote me your note and when I got home from lunch. Probably from an internet cafe. Have a nice weekend. Blog it.


It's been a long time since I've driven out to Santee. I think I need some chicken katsu and kalua pork! Great review, Cathy! Another to add to my list.

ed (from Yuma)

Actually I don't have much of an interesting life currently. Just grading seemingly endless papers. Thanks for posting.


Thanks, Carol, Santee is in the middle of everywhere now with the freeways. It takes me 23 minutes to get to I-5 in Chula, 18 minutes to get downtown and 13 minutes get to La Jolla. All without traffic or CHP involvement, of course. As a destination, well, we have a Costco and pretty much everything else. I don't find myself having to drive around for shopping necessities. Oh, and soon we will even get a Walgreen's. Woo Hoo!


Kirk could be a pod person by now, ed-Peru got hit with a meteor yesterday. I know you have a life. It's OK. I seem to eat every day and now just carry the camera with me. Pretty soon though, it's gonna be 'meals from the 7-11'...heh heh heh...Slurpees and nachos and weird hot dogs and taquitoes..


I am so bummed that they closed, they had the best Hawaiian food I have eaten since visiting Hawaii. Now I need to find a new place, cause I don't care for L & L.


I did go here all the time, too Jimmy. It was really good. L&L is close and some of the stuff is OK if you know what to order...and the new "Taco Tuesday" with kahlua pork (as well as fried shrimp, BBQ beef and a few other choices of 99¢ tacos) is good. The loco moco I got the other day was the best I had had there in a long time. Maybe we have to watch who is cooking...


Thats good to hear, I am going to have to try those kahlua pork tacos, they sound good. I had a bad experience at the L & L I went to in Phoenix, so I figured they were all the same. I was so happy when I tried Da, but I will give L & L another try. Thanks for the reply.


I like kahlua pork in general and it was great at Da, but the tacos at L&L are very good and quite large (if it isn't Tuesday,they cost $2.19 and are quite filling). L&L is kind of standardized, but not in a McDonald's type of standardization way. It is something in Santee, anyhow.

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