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Tuesday, 04 September 2007


ed (from Yuma)

I feel like taking a nap after just looking at all that meat.

So you still think Golden City does the best roast duck in SD?


Goat egg noodle soup?! never had! the fried yuba is a really nice touch, I'm so used to eating mixed with other veggies over rice. Oh dear, I probably shouldn't be reading your post so close to lunch time, hehe :)


Nice find.....BBQ looks good!


I think we need to find an occasion to share a whole roast pig!


Hi Ed - I think Golden City has good roast duck for the price.

Hi Kathy - A few of the Mi Gia places here do Goat Noodle Soup, this one had a lot of meat, but the flavor was a bit "weak".

Hi Billy - Roast Pork is the way to go here.

Hi Candice - I think we need to find enough people to finish a whole roast pig on that occasion! ;o)


Hey Kirk, I think there's enough fans and friends of mmm-yoso to finish a whole roast pig! A company I used to work for would roast a whole pig once a year in the parking lot. I think one year, we have about 100 people. No pig left after the feast. This was on top of all the other food we had. I think we can do, no?


Hi Carol - I don't think I know 100 people! There would have to be some major appetites.....

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