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Tuesday, 14 August 2007



Yum! Hiyashi chuuka is a perfect dish for this hot weather (ugh!). The Karaage looks really good, but then I love anything fried! Think it's time to make a visit for lunch this weekend!


is the restaurant aware that half of their customers are food bloggers??


Hi I love this web-site. I knew many many good places from here, thank you. I realized one thing from the today's post caz I m japanese. I think it is SHOUGA on cold tofu caz we usualy dont use wasabi on it...


Hello again, Carol- Everything here is absolutely perfect. It is the best around. You will like it. The Bento Box is always good, when it isn't sold out...Karaage is something simple and done so well here (although if you are wanting a bunch of it, walk around the parking lot to the next parking lot south and stop in at Nijiya Market on the weekend; it is sold by the pound on the tables across from the to go Bentos and sashimi).

Ron-It was kind of funny, seeing two other people taking photos of their food...The Mister commented that "all the other people in here must read the blog". The nice ladies who work at Sakura seem to always be there and may just think that all people go out to eat and take pictures of food...

Hello, hi- Thanks for the correction. I changed the post. I am the token White Girl who blogs here and don't know all the correct terminology, just describing what I eat...I am glad you like the blog and appreciate the nice comment about our site.

ed (from Yuma)

As the token white guy, I gotta thank you for the Sakura lunch post. That place is so good. I love the tempura/cold noodle combinations - something about the hot/cold, crunchy crust/noodle contrasts. The unagi donburi (eel on rice) and chirashi are also good.


I actually have not had the chirashi here, ed...usually walking in with something on my mind to eat. The last time we came here for dinner it was about April 17-a sort of celebration... :) So, it has been mostly lunches this year. Never had the unagi here either...but it when I am back into my 'rice' mode...
It is the best, isn't it?


Hi i came here gain, thank you and sorry to make it changed on your post. SHOUGA in Japanese is ginger I didnt tell above. It is not a big deal anymore hahha... I dont know if you already visited the restaurant Yumeya in Encinitas which is also Izakaya style. I went there few days ago and like it. If you are interested in and have an oppotunity, please try...I think you would like it.


Ah, hi- I looked it up on wiki and saw shouga was a topping on sushi and stopped reading- loking again, I ee it is ginger...and this stuff was definitely wasabi tasting and shredded...therefore had to be shredded horseradish of some sort. Either way, I am learning and appreciate the help. I will be in Encinitas fairly soon and have heard of Yumeya and will see if I can go there for a meal. It will be a good comparison. Looked at your website. It has nice photos but I can't understand most of the writing (ha). I am slowly learning, in my old age...


I love their iced tea, especially this time of year. It's not the watery, low-quality, tannic, or crazy-sweet crap that you see everywhere.

Freddie Sirmans

Just browsing the internet, your blog is very, very interesting.


Don't you just love Convoy St? You can start at one end and run the gamut of Asian cuisines with Jack-In-The-Box to IHOP to break the monotony!
Supped at Souplantation on Fletcher Pkwy the other day and walked it off down the sidewalk to Fix Me A Plate Cafe where I noticed they were on vacation. Still plan to check them out?
Thanks for the great posts !


Hi, I scrolled and I scrolled but couldn't find a way to contact the owners of this blog.

I'd like to recommend a restaurant for your adventures. No, it's not a personal plug for a restaurant that I own, it's a restaurant we just recently discovered in our new neighborhood, in Sherman Heights/Grant Hills area, a soul food restaurant that has been there for over 40 years, called Sister Pee Wee's Soul Food. If someone can get back to me at the e-mail address I entered when filling in this comment, that'd be great.

Love this blog, it's definitely bookmarked, I love food adventures.


Hi Nicole - If you look in the left sidebar right above "Site Meter" you'll find the link to email. BTW, I like Sister Pee Wees on Imperial Ave...haven't been there in a while though.

Captain Jack

Almost a year huh? Man time flies.


Hey, Tent- I saw lots of people with the ied tea, but always get hot tea with the food here. Thanks for the tip. I don't like sweet, so this might be just as complimentary.
Thanks for stopping to look and welcome, Freddie. Its just food and meals we ate around town. Your blog is interesting too.
Hi, Mike. We were just going to try Fix Me A Plate the other day and ended up at Souplantation, too. I love Convoy Street. I jokingly tell people..."you know, that Chinese place over there on Convoy, the really good one, do you know it?" Sometimes it takes them a while...
Hi Nicole- I sent you a note off line and will be trying Sister Pee Wee's again, this time with a camera. Glad you like the blog, and welcome!
Hi, Kirk. Thx.
CJ! Yes...Kirk went on his Hawaii vacation last October. Wow. I suppose we have all had a birthday or almost a birthday in that time...yet, I don't feel older.


this restaurant is owned by my neighbor -- seriously! he says to go at night, it's more fun & good food! we've yet to go at night though.


Hi, farrah- Oh Sakura is *the* best place at night and basically all of the posts we have done have been about dinner...I was just trying to show a different view of the same place. Nice neighbors.


This is a great site! You really should check out Yumeya in Encinitas though..


Hi, Jay. Thanks for the nice words. Both Kirk and I live and work closer to Convoy Street, but I will be in Encinitas in the first few months of 2008, and will make every effort to find and go to Yumeya. I promise!

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