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Sunday, 12 August 2007



South American dishes must have their own unique tastes and flavors.  Maybe if you stumble across an argentinian restaurant or a chilean restaurant, ect., you could clue us in.


Hey Kirk!
How does Inca Cola taste? It looks a bit like Mountain Dew?...
Never seen Lucuma ice cream before, that's pretty darn cool! :)


What's a Chanel bag?
Nice job.


Oh Kirk, it's so hard to imagine how all these taste as I've never eaten any Peruvian dish..ever.

though I always make the onion salad (Salza Criolla according to you) for my adobo chicken or pork.

have a good week, Kirk!


Leave it up to Kirk-san to scoop me in my own neighborhood. Seriously, though, this one went past my radar. I gotta try that chicken!


You finally dropped by one of my favorite place. I love the lamb nortena my favorite dish of all time and not to mention the saltado de pescado. I'm starving and stuck at work reading this. :-(


Hi RONW - You'll find that every Latin American Country has their own signature dishes and style. I think that Peruvian cuisine is going to be pretty "hot" as the dishes borrow from very diverse cultures.

Hi Kathy - The first time I had Inka Cola I hated's very "bubble-gumish", and fizzy. But over time I've grown kinda fond of is pretty sweet.

Hi Michael - Why don't you ask Sue? he-he-he....

Hi Thess - I think you'd love the food.....

Hi Elmo - LOL! We were lucky, and just kinda spotted the place.

Hi Billy - Man, you sure are working long hours nowadays......


Here is another place to check out when you're down here during the week. I am not sure of the their weekend schedule.


16277 Laguna Canyon Rd
Irvine, CA, 92602
(949) 753-1276


that chicharon de pollo looks so good! haven't had peruvian food in awhile, so thanks for the reminder!

and i would have given you a sour face with that chanel comment too! you men don't know anything! hahaha.

i know i haven't stopped by & commented in a while--hope you & the missus are doing well! =)


Hi Billy - Another one? Thanks for the recommendation!

Hi Pam - Yes, we men don't know anything...though I'm partial to Marc Jacobs.....we are well, and I hope you and Isaac are doing well in your new home!


I wonder what a lucuma -- an egg fruit looks like!


Hi Annie - How are you? Hope all is well. Here are a couple of liknks that may help:


I love you.


Hi Chris - Why????

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