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Thursday, 23 August 2007




It all looks good! I haven't eaten Vietnamese food in a looooong time! I think I need to go and have my fix before I go on vacation.

j ohta

Hi Kirk,
Still enjoying reading your adventures. Care to share the rest of Wandering Chopstick's list?


I've been meaning to try this place ever since Beach recommended it. But why no oc in the bun rieu Kirk?


Hi Reid - Hey long time no hear from! I hope you are well.....and have a great vacation!

Hi JOhta - Let me ask permission.

Hi Elmo - We simply ordered the Bun Rieu, not the Bun Rieu Oc(I think a buck more). We already had more than enough food!


I hate places that rushes. I want enjoy my food d@mnit! ;-) I've been to that one.

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
I didn't realize you were still working through my list. :) Yeah, partly b/c of parking, but also I think the quality of the food at Vien Dong is slightly better when I have Northern food cravings.

Christine D.

Haha, I almost went here this week for some Cha Ca Thang Long, but my dad did NOT want to deal with the parking and waiting :(

Were there any fried tofu in the bun rieu?


Hanoi Restaurant is one of my favorites. Next time, you also need to get the fried sweet potato fried with shrimp.


Hi Billy - Yes, the pressure of feeling rushed.......

Hi WC - LOL! It was a pretty long list! I figure by the time we're done, version 2 will be out. ;o)

Hi Christine - You know, I don't remember any fried tofu....great observation. There is a small alley for parking in the back.

Hi CP - Thanks for the rec....though Banh Tom would probably mean parking in the shade and taking a nap!

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