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Sunday, 26 August 2007



"....As with most of these tiny restaurants, service is fast, but don't expect much in the way of friendliness...."

Been there.


I do not believe you.


Wandering Chopsticks

Oooh, I love dill. I wasn't going to try Dragon Mark b/c I've heard it pales in comparison to MLV and J&J, but now that I know it had dill...

BTW, my cousin swears the waitstaff tries to avoid all eye contact so they don't have to do any service. :P


THey opened a J&J in diamond bar! Super SUPER clean, and the cups and bowls are all cute and pretty.


Burst XLB always makes me sad :-(

That sign cracks me up. I wonder if it actually works, and people actually move to the next strip mall to pee/urine on the ground.


I think it's been over 16 years since I've had Xiao Long Bao. Come to think of it, that's about how long I've lived in SD. Hmm...

That sign is funny! Wonder if it works.


dang Kirk, I think you've reviewed more SGV restaurants than most LA food bloggers! very cool!

hey, next time you guys are in the 'hood, call/email us so we can go eat!

and LOL about the sign. (no pun intended)


awww, you make me miss LA! This was one of the last restaurants I visited before I left! :)

Captain Jack

the dill dumplings look good. I wonder how the Niu Rou Mein is. I love the version at Shanghai City you turned me on to.


Hi RONW - That is pretty much the standard for most of these restaurants!

Hi Birdie - Now would I lie to you? ;o)

Hi WC - We figured why not complete the set. In our opinion, the XLB weren't very good, but those dumplings were nice. For us service was pretty much the same as J&J.

Hi Clayfu - Wow, that's nice, we'll make sure to check it out next time we're in the area!

Hi Howie - The stairway was spotless, with no offensive odor!

Hi Carol - sounds like you need to make a XLB stop next time you're in the area!

Hi Pam - We try to get around as much as possible. We'll get in touch next time we're in the area....Lu Din Gee maybe?

Hi Kathy - You've got a whole new world to explore......

Hi CJ - The NRM didn't look very good. I heard that the NRM at Mei Long Village is pretty good.

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