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Friday, 17 August 2007


Steamy Kitchen

Dude. Couldn't they have been more CREATIVE in naming of their restaurant?!? I mean, it can't be THAT difficult, right?


Eh, red, blue, pink, green, yellow...makes it easy to decorate anyhow, SK.


did you mistakenly take the exit to Springfield? The restaurant's theme looks very whimsical.


They do indeed have mochi. It's easy to miss because they look a lot like marshmallows.

I've tried 3 tart yogurt places in SD so far (Redberry, Yogurt World, and Dolci Mango in PB). And my favorite for the yogurt itself is Dolci Mango because I like the consistency, but they don't have many toppings.

Redberry is nice because of the freedom with the toppings.


Duh, hi, Ron- Cute observation. Actually all of these new Frozen Yogurt places are decorated in this "happy" way. Kind of HighTech/Ikea like...
Thanks for the info, Howie. I added to my post. Haven't been to PB much since last Autumn.


Wow, another yogurt place! I will try it out after work today. I don't like sweet stuff as well, but I do like the plain tart yogurt at Yogurt World, it's almost similar to what my Mom used to make =)


Thanks once again for the report, Cathy. Speaking about avoiding sweets--do you happen to know if any of these places make any of their frozen yogurts with either no added sugar or with artificial sweeteners? If I didn't have to deal with the sugar hit to my food plan, I could probably enjoy such stuff a lot more often than I do (which is currently "almost never").


I've got to try this new place out - thanks for this post!


Hi, YY, and welcome! Did your mom make it frozen, too? Cool! I probably like the plain the best, but the other flavors were nicely tart.
Hi again, MizD-I have not seen any mentioning no sugar, but will keep an eye out to let you know. I seriously would rather have none than artificial for myself. Fat content does not bother me...sugar does.
Hi again Reynila. I did like it a bit better than YW, if for no other reason than I felt I got my money's worth and it still tasted good.


Yes, when I was little, she used to make it with milk and the sour tart. Then she just put it in little bags and shake it with ice then leave it in the ice for a while and we got home made yogurt. It's the best.


That sounds great- and so easy, YY. I will try to make some that way at home soon. Can't hurt and might be my new snack. My mom's 'treat' for us was a banana and milk with some Nestle's Quik powder (could choose chocolate or strawberry) in the blender with ice. It was 'fancy'.


Oh sweet googley moogley, I gotta try that place out! Thanks for the report. So close to Palimino's too. Something cold to put out the heat from the Green Sauce Pork! :)


I've been to this place at least 10 times since its opened. I think its a better deal than Pinkberry, tastes a little better and is way closer to me than any Pinkberry location so far. The location isn't great though. Considering the weather is so hot nowadays this place should be packed. Pinkberry will be opening in Hillcrest on 5th soon... right next the Arrivederci pizzaria.


[i have been following your blog for a few months. love it! 1st post]

I hope you get this msg. Yogurt World has one or more yogurt flavors with no sugar. You should give them a call & ask them what no sugar-flavors they have available before you go since they sometimes change their selection.


Thanks, poppy! Since I last posted, I also discovered that Paradise Yogurt also has a couple different low-carb and no-sugar options. I will now also add Yogurt World to my list of places to check out.


I tried Red Berry the other day, it was pretty good. Though the plain tart I think is not quite as good as Yogurt World. I do like their strawberry very much. Better than The Yogurt Mill in El Cajon and Yogurt World. I will come back for the stwarberry and try their other flavor =)

Cathy-I hope you'll like the new snack =)


Denver, the comments I get here never cease to make me smile, especially Googley Moogley...I know I am going to go to the French Cake place, but had already written this blog entry...
I'm glad you like it here, Liz. It is a very reasonable alternative to the P***berry and Y***** W**** crowds
Hi, Thanks and Welcome, Poppy. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.
Good for you MizDucky- now you can enjoy some cold treats other than iced caffeinated beverages. Continue talking to Poppy. I won't listen.
Hi, YY-I got some sour tart powder stuff this weekend and will make some this week. If you do go to Yogurt Mill in El Cajon- there is a Pho place in that same parking lot that is *really* good. I haven't blogged it yet, keeping it my secret. Sometimes I also go inside that Mexican Market and get a nice taco, though. Depends on my mood.


Yet another yogurt place! Man...they are popping up like weeds all over san diego! I was driving on University Ave in Hillcrest and I saw a yogurt place that was across the McDonalds (if I remember correctly). Not to mention, Pinkberry - the evil that started it all in SoCal - is opening in Hillcrest too! I can just imagine the horror of parking after it is opened. Parking in Hillcrest already is a


Cathy, I love that Pho place, not just because it's good but for a very personal reason too =) If you want "ngo gai" with your pho, just ask the waiter/waitress there. They only give it out to regular customers. They don't give it out because the majority of their customers don't use vegetable for their pho.

I went back to Red Berry and tried their other flavors, I still like the strawberry the most. All of my friends said I'm too original =)

Talking about French Cake, they have the best tiramisu cake...yuuummm


Hi, May..I know, I know the whole idea of them putting a Pinkberry in Hillcrest does not seem well thought out. Really, if you do want some frozen yogurt, Red Berry will satisfy you, vause less stress in parking and save you some money. It is good.
YummieYummy- We went to Palomino's and then over to French Cake for dinner last night, but the tiramisu was out, so we tried some strawberry and plain frozen yogurt-it was great. I didn't know to ask for ngo gai, just assumed it was given. Kirk and I often mention if it comes with or not at pho restaurants. I'm just happy that I am not automatically given a fork because I am White.

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