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Tuesday, 28 August 2007


ed (from Yuma)

Looks pretty good. I had almost given up hope for that location considering the bad English pun. I was afraid it would be a place dumbing down the food to cater to non-Vietnamese.

Looking forward to your follow-up.

Wandering Chopsticks

There was a Pho King on Valley in Rosemead or San Gabriel too but it closed down before I could get around to trying it out. Just for the bad pun for the blog you know!


hehe. It's nice to see that they are rising above their name with the food. The Hu Tieu Mi looks like a nice change of pace. I'll have to check it out soon...


HAHA! I know there are a few of Pho King's around, but this one is the first one I've actually seen in pictures. Some other names I'd like some pho entrepreneurs use:

Pho Nemom Enon
Pho Shizzle
Pho Sho!
Pho Enix


yay. another lunch place close to the office. i can't wait to try the pho king specials.

The Guilty Carnivore

Too classic.

Though nothing tops a Vietnamese restaurant in my old home town of Tucson, AZ, when I was in college.

"Cock Asian"

I kid you not.


Hi Kirk--nice writeup! I checked out the Pho-king new place the other week and had much the same reactions as you and the Missus, down to appreciating the decor face-lift but finding the pho broth and meat a little lacking. But I didn't know about that Hu Tieu Mi dish--that really looks yummy! So now of course I'll have to go check it out too. :-)


Hi Ed - Hope you are doing well! Everything, but the Pho was better than we expected.

Hi WC - Yes, I remember it well...though for some reason I thought it was El memory is starting to go!

Hi Howie - It was pretty good, well worth a try for a change of pace.

Hi Elmo - LOL! How about - Pho-Ni!!!

Hi Toisan - Yes, check them out...very clean, pretty good food.

Hi GC - What in the world would make someone name their restaurant that? Sheesh, that takes the cake!

Hi Mizducky - There are a couple of dishes on the menu that are done pretty well!


Oh, I am *so* glad you did the Pho King post, because I just couldn't...


Hello! Cool, another place we can check out - if not for the name alone! The food looks great!

I wonder how they answer the phone there? ha ha


Yay I've been waiting for your post about this place. I think the people there are very nice. I like their Dry/Soup Hu Tieu My Tho a lot. It's so hard to find a good Hu Tieu place. I've been there quite a few times for the Hu Tieu. I haven't try their Pho though. Can't wait for Part 2!


Hi Cathy - LOL! I just knew you didn't want to do the (insert restaurant name here) post! ;o)

Hi Reynila - That's the #19! More good stuff to come.

Hi YY - No need for the Pho' here, it's all about the Hu Tieu! The Hu Tieu My Tho is coming up......


Yes their Hu Tieu is really good. The Chinese Celery remind me of the Hu Tieu in Sai Gon.


Dude, they cheaped out on the Hu Tieu Mi. Who uses surumi in Hu Tieu Mi?


Hi CP - I don't think you'd be paying under 7 bucks for Hu Tieu Mi in San Diego if they gave you this much real crab, and with a similar amount of food. And check out Elmo's's right there in the back of the bowl!


Man, I miss Thien Thanh. We went to Pho King a few weeks ago and were not impressed. I had one of the pork and egg noodle soups and V had a pho. My soup was okay, if not very flavorful, but V said that her pho broth was bland and most of the meats were tough and too fatty.

We'll probably go back in a while to see if they've improved with settling in, but I don't think we'll be seduced away from Pho Hoa or Minh Ky anytime soon.


Hi SK - The Pho here is not very good......but try the Hu Tieu dishes.


Haha, this finally opened!
I saw a place in LA the other day called Phobulous.


Hi April - Sheesh...we need to call the bad pun police! Anywho's hope all is well with you!


There's a Chinese restaurant here in Honolulu named "Fook Yuen". My 65 year old mother in law guffaws every time we drive past it.
The food was pretty good last time I ate there.

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