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Thursday, 30 August 2007



"it ain't right!"
we were going to try pho king the other day for lunch, but ended up (once again) at saigon. creatures of habit, i guess.

Christine D.

Hu Tieu My Tho Kho is one of my favorite vietnamese dishes! That pork and tomato broth/sauce is usually really oily...and I have no idea why. I'd rather have a less oily version.


Wow I didn't expect part 2 to be so soon =) My sister and I will go to this place for the Rice Plate tomorrow. That looks so good. I always get the Hu Tieu My Tho all the time. Time for a change! It'll be Com Tam tomorrow =) Isn't that sauce soooo good. Just like how I used to have it in Sai Gon, just less oil.


your waiter, Andy, ought to put his comments inside fortune cookies. By the way things sound, he would be stellar at it.


Hi Kirk! gheez, you made me drool re: shrimp cake....was the inside pure shrimp? omg, I'd like to try some!

have a good week end!


...and now you know why I try the fried bean curd/shrimp paste whenever I see it on the menu...


Maybe Andy was thinking of Lee Ann Kim of KGTV (?):


Turko?! Man, are you ever gonna get it.


I wonder if they have "pho" in the name for the same reason Chinese restaurants all used to have teriyaki on their menus. Pho is more popular and well known than hu tieu. It's hip. It's trendy. I mean, if they were "Hu Tieu King", would they get as much business from Vietnamese cuisine noobs?


Hmm, Kirk. Unless your Missus is bald and has facial hair...

Not knowing what your misses look like, I've come up with these options to add to Trent's Lee Ann Kim:

Marianne Kushi:

Marcella Lee:

Charisse Yu:

Angela Chee:


You have to yell out Turko's catch phrase: "IT AIN'T RIGHT!"

Does the Missus resemble Sasha Foo?

My husband and his friend had lunch at Pho King. The friend didn't like the pho broth (too sweet). The husband had hu tieu (not sure which one), and said it was ok (his standard phrase if he likes something).

I've never had hu tieu before so I'll be sure to try it the next time I see it on a menu.


Hi Toisan - You should give the Hu Tieu a shot here....

Hi Christine - The Missus really seemed to like it. I don't know if she'd have enjoyed it if it were much more oily.

Hi YY - Actually, we ate there a while back. I'm usually a bit behind.

Hi RONW - LOL! Everybody would leave with a smile on their face.

Hi Thess - Have a great weekend too!

Hi Cathy - This was the extreme exception and not the rule. I almost never order the shrimp paste by itself. Most of the time it's very oily, and the shrimp paste is overcooked and tough......

Hi trent - Who knows....

Hi Dave - LOL! You do "get" that I'm joking, right?

Hi CP - LOL! I have problems enough with the name of the place as it is.....

Hi Carol - I dunno......saying She looks like someone is asking for trouble....

Hi Sandy - Wow, that little paragraph sure did get some response, huh? Personally, I thought the Hu Tieu Mi was better, the missus enjoyed the Hu Tieu My Kho.....


Hi Kirk--you sang the praises of that Hu Tieu My Tho Kho so enticingly that I just had to go get some for lunch. That is definitely one tasty dish--and that beef/tomato sauce really makes the dish. And putting in a dollop of the chile oil stuff really kicked it into the stratosphere. The guys who waited on me were so cute, though--they gently double-checked to make sure the Caucasian Lady knew she was ordering a dish full of organ meats. :-)


I went there and ordered the rice dish yesterday. You're right, the shrimp paste is good. I'm usually very picky about shrimp paste and this is one of the best version. As mush as I enjoyed the rice dish, I came back again today for the Hu Tieu. I can't resist their Hu Tieu =)


Hi Mizducky - Pretty good stuff, huh?

Hi YY - Just can't pull you away from that Hu Tieu! ;o)

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