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Thursday, 09 August 2007



That shot of the salsa bar almost gave me vertigo! Seriously though, that ceviche tostada looks fantastic. Thanks for the tip, Cathy!


Thanks for noticing, Trent! I wanted to get the entire Salsa Bar in the photo and could not stand in front of it to get it all in and ...oh,anyhow... There is also a tub of fresh made chips next to the Bar, along with containers and paper and plastic bags, in case you are getting food to go. It has some great food and satisfies my ceviche craving when I am in that area of town.


Oooooooooooooooo!! If they are associated with the Palamino's on Convoy Street (right across the Burger King), which I think they are, I can attest that they have awesome food. I'll think I'll try #2 one of these days and see if their Green Sauce Pork is as good as the one on Convoy. yum!


I would think it is, Denver, but no other location is listed on the paper menu/flyer...except it is "#2" everywhere, so there must be a "#1" someplace. Try it here. It is excellent food and better parking.


Hey, Denver- Just went there and that is indeed "Palominos #3"...the menu is the same (but different daily specials) and it looks good and a little easier for my Mexican fix. We had been Sakura for lunch and were walking to Nijiya for a snack and ended up at Red Berry for a snack instead. You'll see...


Hey Cathy, thanks for checking! Actually, when I read this review Friday afternoon, it gave me the craving for Mexican, so I went there to get my usual Green Sauce Pork and also verify if it was the same chain, heheh. Yeah, that's a cozy strip mall there. Try the French Cake bakery over there. ALMOST as good as the pastries in France :)


Oooh-tomatillo sauce on pork. I crave tomatillo sauce-even at Del Taco, I will get a bean burrito with green sauce, Denver...ooh. Something to try next time.
I do look at that French Cake place often and have never walked in. One of my *very* first jobs was working in a bakery in my neighborhood, so I kind of know fresh and quality pastries. Next time my sweet tooth hits, I think I will just walk in, with camera in the back pocket, of course. Thanks for the tip.


Finding a parking space in this strip mall during weekday lunch hours can be a nightmare - lots of cars, few spaces and some spaces are marked "15 minutes only." Thanks for the tip about #3 on Convoy - will have to try it AND the bakery! I have an older menu for #2 that says #1 is on 5149 Waring Road.


I didn't even think of the parking situation, Sandy. We always go there on weekends or after work. The one on Convoy may be a similar parking situation, though. Maybe I'll see you at the bakery soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment and mention the #1 location. I will check out Waring Road soon.


Palominos is my favorite mexican food restaurant. I like all the food, but my favorite is the Wed. special, the milanesa torta.


Hello and welcome to our blog, Emily. I read your comment and got up and drove to Palomino's just now and got a torta for lunch...I knew I was craving both bread and something Mexican. Then again, I had to get a ceviche tostada, too. I love Sundays at Palomino's- easy parking during the day.

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