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Wednesday, 29 August 2007



Hello, I'm a serious lurker on your site , absolutely love it. And now I have to ask - where'd you get the colon???


Hi Clea - I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that I bought them at Nijiya! I'll fix that right away. Thanks for commenting, and the very kind words.


italian sausage....that's a winner (wiener) place or show.


Ah, links ... the best way to find great blogs. Am I Schmoozing again? Only Steamy Kitchen knows!

Never been here before, but I'm already enjoying your writing! There aren't too many serious Asian restaurants here in the Toledo area, but we get to some of them when we can. Of course, most are less authentic than they should be. My stepson John, a senior in high school, just got back from a 17-day-trip to China where he developed an affinity for real chinese hot black tea ... which he now drinks when not drinking Mountain Dew Code Red!

Love the plays on words here ... I'm thinking about hanging out for a while ... ;-)

j ohta

Its nice to see pictures of the people you dined with. It makes your recounting more personal. How about including yourself? I'd still like to see you do a bio section. Maybe 10 things we don't know about Kirk?


Hey Kirk! I almost spewed coffee on the monitor as the page loaded. lol! Classic. Pucca also happens to be the name of an animated little cutsy girl.

It's been years since the Mister and I have gone. It just doesn't appeal to me much anymore. Glad you enjoyed the races even if the food was just so-so.


Me? A Schmoozer?! I'm honored that you think so! But you're right CP is *THE* Schmoozer...who else can rally the Orange County Bloggers together to form OC Food Blogs!


I want to go to the races. Sigh.


neato! glad you think I'm schmooze-able, hehe! :) oh man, but pucca? that's like my favorite ever! (after men's pocky, that is!) the cheesecake and banana pucca flaors aren't as good, but I'm a fan of the original! :)


Well Pukka (I think that is how you spell it) is a british/indian phrase which means something is really great. If you watch any Jamie Oliver he'll probably use that phrase 'cor blimey guv'na thats a pukka bit of eel pie you've got there'


btw i just realized. Taking pictures of girls when the wifey is gone eh?
*wink wink*


Hi RONW - mmmmm Sausage!!!!

Hi LPC - Thanks for stopping you schmoozer, you! Sounds like your Stepson had quite an exciting trip. Please feel free to hang out, and schmooze all you wany! ;o)

Hi johta - Still want to know more about me? I'm a pretty boring and uninteresting person...really.

Hi Carol - Thats you can tell, I'm very unhip.

Hi Elmo - Yes, CP should be schmoozer of the year! And yes, if what I do is considered schmoozing, you're a schmoozer too.

Hi Kathy - Yes, without a doubt, you are mucho schmoozable.

Hi Jenny - That's interesting...but somehow I just can't make the connection between a Japanese confection and Jamie Oliver.....

Hi Clayfu - I think we've just gotten a picture of how the mind of clayfu works! I better warn the GF! ;o)


"Cream Collon with Chocolate Pukka" Hilarious! Great stuff - I also like CRUNKY brand chocolate, which should be endorsed by Lil' Jon.
But by no means should you ever try Genghis Khan Caramels from Morinaga. They taste like lamb and green onion hotpot, but not in the good way.


While we're on the subject of unfortunately named foods, my girlfriend found this at Mitsuwa:


Hi Trent - Ugh....caramels should never taste like lamb and green onions....

Hi Fred - I hope it didn't taste know....


Awww... You and Elmo made me blush. Thanks, guys!


Hi CP - Oh my, I didn't mean to make the panda blush!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
a good time was had by one and all in our suite at the track (well outside of losing a few ducats). Our Salvadorian tamale and pupusa adventure later on that evening was sweet as well. Thanks so much for the invite and the love.

Dave Blackwell

Hey Kirk,
I still have some of my own pictures from that day I've been meaning to send you. I'll drop them in a zip file this weekend and send some your way. (One of you and an inebriated sushi chef) Indeed, a good time was had by all. Thanks for the mention :D

You know where else has boatloads of odd little candies and treats is Zion, the korean marketplace on the corner of mercury street and engineer road. I saw tomato candy among other things, and I swear I saw shrimp flavored candies in there as well. Their candy/treats selection puts mitsuwa to shame.


Hi CJ - Yes, it was a fun time! Glad you enjoyed the tamales and pupusas.

Hi Dave - Make sure to pick up some bondegi the next time you're there! ;o)

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