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Wednesday, 01 August 2007



Awww what a great post! A little bit of everything ... I, too like broken rice and that pork chop did look pretty tasty! A dish like that here in OZ will set you back about $8.50 though so food is still cheaper over there.

Also, great bit of home cooking there :) looks like it was bought! Spam was made to go in fried rice I reckon!

I looove your pics of Sammy and Frankie soooo cute!

P/s Singapore has a Daiso too !


Hi, Kirk,

I think you might be right about the Vietnamese trend. I noticed it when I went to Pho Sao Bien in PB and there were no Vietnamese customers. And PB just had another pho place open up.

Maybe Vietnamese is becoming like Japanese in the 80s. Instead of the dozen sushi places lining Garnet, you'll see pho joints.


You are right about people opening up to new food. I think we live in exciting times (United States of Arugula anyone?) I would like to thank you for contributing to this. For example, I would have never thought to check out Birria. Now I'm on a mission. My tastebuds and belly thank you kindly.


Speaking of the Vietnamese trend, a new pho/banh mi place recently opened in the very bland food court near my work:
They're typically a lil' overpriced and narrow-menued for Viet places in higher-rent areas, but a bargain for the area. Maybe more people will eventually explore other places further down Mira Mesa and beyond...

Passionate Eater

Kirk, I am speechless!! I appreciate your friendship so very much! And seeing the candid action (or time-lapse) shots of Frankie and Sammy brings tears of joy to my eyes! You are definitely the kindest, most loving food blogger that I have ever known. Thank you so much for everything Kirk. This post makes me feel like I've made a huge mistake by moving to New Orleans--and not to San Diego!


I lived in N.O for about a decade, and can reassure you that there is a lot to explore there beyond the historical restaurants.
Great markets, local niches, a huge Vietnamese community, and even more largely Hispanic immigrants who did much of the reconstruction. So, much of what you find in SD is also mingling into N.O. You're not making a mistake.


Aloha Amigo!
You truly show us all here in blogland the true meaning of the Aloha spirit. You treat everyone one with a great sense of Ohana.
And for that we typing and eating food blogging fanatics will forever be in your debt. I can only wish that one day my simple reviews will someday come alive as yours and everyone who writes for you do.




wow! i'm so excited for marukai to open here! i had no idea, and i drive by there often enough!

i've been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. i could tell right away that you were from hawaii! and just because you're from hawaii, i feel that i can appreciate your foodie tastes more than others i've read. you guys are awesome!

mahalo nui loa

Christine D.

Aww, what a nice thing for PE. Those pictures of Sammy and Frankie are so cute!

While everyone else is getting into Vietnamese food, my VNese parents are gradually trying more non-Vietnamese foods, haha.


Hi Rachel - Sammy and Frankie thank you! There are few things as easy as fried rice.

Hi Howie - It just may be.....

Hi Jan - Let me know how your "mission" comes along!

Hi PE - No, thank you for always being so positive! I'm glad I'll have somebody "on the ground" when I visit NOLA.

Hi Trent - Checked out the site....couldn't they have better photos? The photos don't make me want to eat the food there!

Hi Michael - I'll answer your Aloha Amigo, with Mucho Mahalo! I enjoy your reading your blog, and check in daily!

Hi Farrah - Thank you so much for the kind words. We're quite excited over Marukai.

Hi Christine - I think that's great....there's always room for us to spread our wings!


Hey Kirk! Great post to get my weekend started. I think the eating trend is awesome. And to think it took a trip to HI for The Mister to finally ask me to take him to have pho. Hey, whadeva it takes! He's also been getting into Thai too. All good for me!

Have a great weekend, and everyone else too!


Hi Carol - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Have a great weekend.

Jeff C

Kirk, been catching up with your blog. You're so lucky getting a Marukai near you but considering the demographics of San Diego, it probably should have been there five years ago. I have to tell you that I have a serious jones for kimchee fried rice but I can never do it right. I do know that the kimchee needs to go sour, that a little of the juice should be used, onions should be done til not quite translucent and not browned, dried shrimp should be used after rehydrated, and also use of a finish of sesame oil. I think the use of soy sauce should be very important, I've been thinking of a mix between the dark soy and a sweet version (the thickened sweet soy sauce that you see sometimes in malay noodle dishes). Oh and lots of green onion. and sesame seeds toasted and crushed.
I've had the best kimchee fried rice at a korean night club and at a korean acquaintance's wife's lunch. It was awesome.
Take care Kirk, hope you can still go on the trip.


Hi Jeff - Hope all is well. You've really put much thought into your kimchee fried rice! Why don't you try to get Kimchee that has a lot of fermented shrimp and anchovy in it. Gochujang adds a nice depth of flavor, I use a touch of soy(a balanced version like Yamasa), and some of my friends like sesame oil.


I really like your ' work ' .It will probably take much time to read all of them but I'll try to since they look real nice
Thank you and keep up the good work
'From the proud homeland,Vietnam '


Hi Duc - Welcome and thanks for the kind words!

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